Web Design Trends for 2015

What’s New in Website Design?

When planning for a new website, or any marketing materials for that matter, impact is what most companies find most important.  Another thing that you must recognize if you own a business today is that things change. Even though some parts of your website will always be needed, design trends do change. What was new and fresh five years ago is now considered “old school design” and may cause your website to loose valuable visitors with in the first few seconds of coming to your website. If you use search engine optimization, you might get potential customers to come to your website, but what is that worth if you can’t keep them there with an eye catching, fresh design?

Knowing what is big in website design trends can help. WTI wants to help you stay on top of what is new in 2015 for design and help you think forward beyond this year so you design stays fresh for a while. Here a few design ideas for you to get an idea of what’s new!

Big Beautiful Imagerydesign101

Large graphics that fill most of your view on the homepage is a huge trend right now. With faster broadband service for most people, you don’t have to be afraid to use large, high quality images any longer on your website. These images draw in the visitor, making them want to see more. People want to SEE what you are all about, and large images allows you to provide this to your potential clients. As you can see in the example to the right, there is still a well design navigation, but the majority of the homepage is filled with an image.


Flat or Semi-Flat DesignImage Credit Google Design

You will find complete sites designed with simple, semi-flat design or just portions used to convey facts in a very easy to read way. This is something we believe will be an even bigger trend in website design going forward. It is appealing because of it’s bright, yet simple design that is easy to navigate. Definitely look to see more Semi-Flat Design going forward in 2015 and beyond as a very common web design trend. Think of the ease of using this simple design on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and mobile is where everything is headed. This design is definitely one to watch.


Using Great Typography Image 67

You will see the use of great fonts and more unique fonts. This is a great way to make an impression on a visitor. As you can see in the design example to the right, we have combined the beautiful, large image trend with great typography for this site and it definitely makes a great impact. Use unique fonts to set yourself apart from other website that just stick to traditional, boring fonts. Use fonts to enhance your design and it will be a big win this year and going forward.


Other Design Trends for 2015

Other trends we may see going forward include replacing the large images on your homepage with a video of the same size. Again, with broadband making the use of the internet easier for more people across the United States and beyond, video becomes a possibility as a bigger player in your website design. Designs may also include more large scale illustrations to give a website a artistic feel. Another thing that may pop up more often is similar to CGI in movies. We may see things that seem magical or unreal in our graphics, not just traditional images. Look for more designs that feel a bit out of this world going forward.

Remember that when it comes to website design or redesign, Websites to Impress can help you build a fresh, innovative design that is still all yours. When we build or redesign a website we will create a mock-up design for you to get an idea of what it would look like, and then give you the ability to tweak it until you love it. It is our motto after all. Websites to Impress – Love Your Website, We’ll Show You How! 

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Good Websites Need Good Writers

How To Incorporate Rich Content

When consumers search for a topic and your website pops up, they quickly judge it in a matter of seconds. The content and overall appearance of the website determines whether they want to continue reading it or click the back button. With all the competition on the web, you need to make sure your website stands out. This is why Websites To Impress offers top-notch writing for our customers. We not only focus on web design, we create writing content for blogs and web pages.

What Makes Good Writers

good writers need good grammar by wtiWTI focuses on these key elements.

Strong content. We capture the visitor’s interest by addressing the issues that matter the most. To accomplish this, we research the latest information about the products and services that your business offers.

Good grammar. Without good grammar, readers could misinterpret the message you are trying to convey. We make sure your content is well written so viewers can understand your products and services.

Less is better. Some writers think more is better, but removing useless words helps relay clear, concise communication.

Update content. Since blogs attract readers, the experts at WTI constantly update them with new information. We provide new, creative topics to keep you interested.

Invite comments. We can set your blog page with a comment section for your readers. These comments can be read from other viewers. Comments also allow you to help answer questions viewers may have about your business.

Effective writing style. An effective website not only needs a great design, it needs to have a readable writing style. We always consider the audience. After all, a blog is like a conversation that features subject material, great ideas and interesting topics.

Search Engine Optimization. When writing content, we incorporate unique keywords into your content. This helps get traffic from the “organic” search results on search engines.

If you need polished content writing for your site, contact Websites To Impress today. We have the skills and expertise to increase internet traffic to your site. We are located in Geneseo, IL but serve customers nationwide!


Google Plus – The Next Big Social Media Tool

Why Should Your Business Be On Google Plus?

When we think of social media, the first names that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thanks to Google, they have developed a top-notch social network tool called Google Plus. Google Plus helps businesses gain internet traffic as well as search engine optimization. Google Plus is not better or worse than other social media networks, it’s just different. Because it is unique, it has continued to grow over the years, gaining in popularity. They’ve reached over a million users faster than Facebook. This is why Websites to Impress offers innovative websites as well as Google Plus set up for new and existing businesses.

Steps to Setup a Google Plus Profile

Boost your business with Google PlusTo step up a Google Plus profile, we will complete the following steps.

Sign up: Two things are required for sign up. One is a Gmail address, and the other is a invitation. Without a Gmail account, you won’t be able to access Google Plus. WTI can sign up your business name and Gmail address for you.

Create a profile: A profile is created, but yet it doesn’t have to showcase your business. It can be a personal profile about yourself. We can upload pictures, contact information and insert videos.

Add friends: To boost your business, we can add friends or anyone who wants to on your friend’s list. The more friends you add, the merrier.

Keep Track of Conversations: When your friends post events on Google Plus, join in by commenting. It may be impossible to keep track of everyone’s conversation, but to comment on a few may help.

Start Conversing: WTI can post links to your blog page about the services you offer. This will help create conversations about your business.

Promote Your Business: We’ll link your business to the Google Plus, and add a Google Plus button to your website. The more users that click the button, the higher your Google rankings. Whether you have an existing or new business, Google Plus is an effective tool to promote your service.

Benefits of Google Plus For Your Business

Google Plus by Websites To ImpressIncrease Rankings. Google owns and operates Google Plus, so it will keep track of your rankings. Also, it will attract visitors to your site from Google’s search results.

Easy Tracking. Like Facebook, Google has a “like” option. The more “likes”, the better. This lets Google know that you’re sharing posts and viewers are reading your page.

Business Profile. We can write a Google Plus profile about the services and products you offer. When consumers search for your products, this content will appear in the meta description.

Social Media Links. If you have other social media profiles, from Facebook, you can link them to your profile.

Share Information. You can share content, videos, or articles that link back to your site.

Google Plus Circle. Add people and friends to your circle so they will follow you. This increases exposure to you and your business.

Hangouts: Other social networks don’t have this feature, which makes Google Plus unique. Hangouts allow you to have group discussions, meetings or demonstrations.

Websites To Impress encourages businesses to get a Google Plus profile. It is a powerful way to gain popularity on the web. We’ll set up a business profile for you to increase your rankings. Also, we’ll incorporate rich content, images, links and videos that link back to your site. Contact us today so we set one up for you!

Be Forward Thinking. Have a Website with a Responsive Design.

What is a Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is a Must with Mobile Usage so High.We get this question quite frequently from our clients. They have heard the term but don’t know if their website is responsive or not. A responsive design is exactly what it sounds like. It responds to it’s environment. It is smart enough to know what type of device you are on, whether that be a PC or Mac, iPad or other tablet, Android smartphone, or an iPhone. WTI recommends a responsive website design for many reasons, but the main reason is that your website will look great on any device no matter what. So now you know what a responsive design is, why is it so important?

Responsive Design is Forward Thinking, the Way of the Future for the Web

Jeffrey Veen is the author of “The Art and Science of Web Design” and currently the executive interface director for Wired Digital. He said it quite perfectly: “Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”

He is absolutely right. More and more users are going to expect a great user experience when using the browsers on their phones and other devices. Based on research from Smart Insights, 80% of internet users own a smartphone as of January 2015. There are up and coming products as well that users will be surfing the web on including Smart TVs and even Smart Wristbands and Watches. Another extremely compelling factor is that Google considers it important. With Google continually holding on to 65% to 70% of the search engine pie, this is a big deal. Google now has official recommendations in this regard.  You can check your website traffic in Google Analytics and you will likely be blown away at how many visitors are getting to your website  through mobile devices. To check this, go to your Google Analytics, select “Audience” on the left. Then select “Mobile” to see what proportion of traffic is from mobile devices. You can even drill down into the results to see which types devices are sending the traffic.

So Why is Responsive Design Still Under Utilized?Be Ready for any Device with Responsive Web Design

Oddly enough, the number of responsive websites is still shockingly low. There are reports that show that about 1 in 8 websites has a responsive design, under 20%. The reason this may be is that people are just becoming aware of the stats from studies done in 2013 and 2014 that show the boom in mobile usage. So you haven’t missed the boat yet, and you can be on the right side of history by updating your website design to a mobile friendly responsive design. Mobile devices are not going away, studies have in fact shown the opposite as shown above.

WTI can assist you in taking a look at your current website. We can look into taking your current design and making it responsive, or help you build a clean new design that is mobile friendly right from the start. With great clean code and a good responsive design your website can succeed. You can also utilize other tools from WTI including search engine optimization to boost your rankings with search engines even further than that initial boost you will get from your responsive design.

So don’t wait to get started. It has been show that responsive design is the way to move forward on the web. When you can turn mobile views to conversions and leads from your website, it will be well worth the investment you make to make your site responsive. Call today to get started!