Website Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization

What’s the Difference?website optimization in the Quad Cities, Illinois, Iowa

In years past, search engine optimization included creating as many back links as possible, and other shady practices to bring traffic to a website. This is called “black hat SEO” and is frowned upon in this day and age of optimizing your website for search engine results. Google has really cracked down on these types of practices. There are have been many algorithm updates starting back in 2011 till now that really show how Google feels about SEO.

SEO is still a thing. The difference is now we focus on the bigger picture: The Customer/Consumer Experience. You will hear SEO being called website optimization because of this, because the focus is now on all aspects of the customer experience on a website. Google has a vested interest in providing the best search engine results for searchers, so it is important to make sure the best organic search results are being provided. If you are using black hat methods, you may find that you are dropping in rankings, and fast.

What’s the New Optimization Focus?

CONTENT: Just as it has always been with SEO – “Content is King” – it was, and still is. But now there are other areas of focus as well. Overall, is the content you are providing useful to your reader or is just content full of keywords? It’s not just about the content though, it is about making great pages. Use images, videos, fresh web design to keep people on your website, and convert them into customers. Think of it as a first impression, and think about how important first impressions are!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instead of using back links use social media to provide links to your site. You can use tools like Hootsuite to post blogs via RSS feeds to your social media sites when you post a blog. Use Google My Business to get going on Google with a G+ page and maps. Facebook is a great way to find additional customers and get them back to your website. It’s a great way to create a call to action for promotions, all while linking to your website.

GOOGLE TOOLS: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are great for SEO, but they are also great for your information. The better you understand the traffic your website is seeing, the better your website can be. You can use these tools to find out if your traffic is actually turning into conversions – and really, isn’t that what you want?

LINKS: Too many links is actually NOT a good thing. Quality links is more important. You want to use the right ratio of links to content, and have quality links in place. This is where an SEO team like WTI can really help you, to make sure that you are following those small rules that can make or break your rankings. We offer SEO packages to fit all needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

As a Business Owner, What is Your Next Step?

Think of your website as “digital marketing”. You need a digital marketing team that understand everything about your website, from design to completion, and beyond. You want a website that will be built with optimization in mind. You want a team that can take over once the site is completed and follow up with solid blog writing, social media integration, and current SEO trends. You  want your website designers to understand optimization for search engines, and you want an SEO team that understands the importance of excellent design and layout. At WTI, our team works together to create website that is SEO ready, and we have an expert SEO team that can take over once the site is completed, and optimize it further so you can turn rankings and traffic into conversions. Call WTI today to learn more about our team, and our services. We are passionate about great design and SEO, and would love to talk to you about how we can “digitally market” your business!