Google and Mobile Friendiness

You Better Jump on the Mobile Bandwagon, Here’s Why

google-408194_640Last month, we wrote about how being mobile friendly was going to be more important than ever. It appears we were right. On April 21, Google is due to release an algorithm update. Rumor has it that mobile friendliness is a HUGE part of this algorithm update. is saying that they believe that there will be a new Google Mobile Crawler (read more here) that “can do a better job of crawling single-page web apps, Android apps, and maybe even Deep Links in iOS apps.” This is a big deal. We have also noticed when working in Google Analytics that they are showing users when their site is not that mobile friendly, and giving tips on how to improve. These things all seem to indicate that we were right in thinking, and recommending that you upgrade your site to be more mobile friendly.

Responsive Design – A Great Answer

iphone-563071_640Websites to Impress is an excellent resource for responsive design. Now is a great time to upgrade your site design, as clean design with great content is also so important right now. You can read more about website trends for 2015 here. We can upgrade your design while making it responsive. What is responsive web design? Also called RWD, responsive web design allows you to design sites that will provide optimal viewer experience without a lot of resizing, panning, or scrolling across all types of devices, from your desktop at home to your mobile phone or tablet. Learn more about the fundamentals of responsive design from Google here.

More people than ever use their mobile phone or other mobile device to search the internet. People are always on the move, and need their search results on the go. Google is working to make sure with this algorithm update that users are getting the fastest, best search results on their mobile devices. Google has made clear with other recent updates that user experience is also extremely important. Responsive design will address both of these issues and help boost your rankings.

If you don’t currently have a website with a responsive design, it is time, RIGHT now to consider it. If you do a responsive design, you can use the Google Mobile Friendly Test to make sure that Google considers it mobile ready. At WTI, our designs are all responsive so you will be ready to when you have us build you a new site. We can also take existing designs and make them responsive as well. We will listen to your needs and then provide a free quote for your ideal website. Don’t be left in the dust when April 21 hits, be mobile ready with a responsive design from WTI.