3 Important SEO Rules for 2015

Master SEO in 2015, Here’s How

SEO is a leading way to market your business even in today’s social media world. SEO can feel like a rat race though, and it is hard to know what to do to stay on top of the latest trends. WTI uses the following tactics, which we can help your business with, to stay on top of SEO in the current online world.

1. Have a Strategy to Remain on Top of Your Audience and your Competitors.

SEO means knowing your audience and competitors.Google has made this harder than ever by removing the keyword data in Google Analytics. There is however other tools and ways to stay on top of what your customers are searching for. It is important to discover new ways to find keywords to target. Using tools like Google’s keyword planner available to Adwords clients is one way. Understand that content can not be packed with just keywords, it needs to be the kind of content that your potential clients are looking for, providing them with information and insights about your business and products. Look at what your competition is doing and how they are doing. WTI has a reporting software that can assist you with this, so ask us how we can help you with this task!

2. Make Sure Your Content Writers are Also Familiar with SEO.

Content Writers need to know SEO.Blog posts and web content are a key facet in SEO in 2015. Making sure that those people are who are writing your content are also familiar with SEO can be a key factor in successful conversions to your website. Google algorithms like Panda let us know that your user experience on your website is what what you need to be focusing on. Make sure that you combine both creative writing with techinical SEO. The team at WTI is both expert in writing and techinical SEO, so this is another area where we can help.

3. Make Your Website Responsive, TODAY.

Help SEO with a responsive build for your website.Better yet, yesterday. Search Engine Watch claims that by 2018, the mobile search share will reach as high as 83% based on research from eMarketer. Google released an algorithm update in April of 2015 that gives priority to mobile websites. If these two things aren’t reason enough to consider making your website responsive, than we don’t know what is.

SEO is a journey, and really should be considered as part of owning a website. As always, we like to mention that one of the first questions people ask us after we develop a website is “Why can’t I find my website when I search for it?”. The answer is ever changing. The SEO team at WTI is always looking for the most current SEO methods. Organic search traffic can mean big revenue if you have the right team behind you. Call us to learn more about our SEO processes and packages today.

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