Rankbrain: What Is It, And How Does It Affect SEO?

Getting to the Bottom of Google’s Rankbrain

What does Rankbrain mean for SEO?Google made an annoucement this week that was not noticed by most, but it definitely is a big deal. For Google’s algorithms, it is pretty much a game changer. Rankbrain – or Google’s new “AI” machine learning update – will now be changing the way that search results are shown. Machine learning has been on the way for a long time, and Rankbrain is this technology being put to work.

As SEO specialists at WTI, we are always wary of changes to the way that Google displays search results and Rankbrain is no different. We knew we needed to get to the bottom of what this change means for businesses working to rank for Google. So what does “machine learning” mean for SEO?

First off, it is important to know that Rankbrain is only a portion of the algorithm that Google uses to display search results. What Rankbrain does is try to take our very human way of searching, by using phrases like we are talking to someone, and decipher them. looks for patterns that programmers have programmed it to look for and make determinations based on pattern recognition. So people are still behind the process. So, machines aren’t becoming self aware yet! However there may be some level of learning that Rankbrain achieves over time, which is truly crazy to think about.

Rankbrain and SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Rankbrain from GoogleOne thing to recognize that we already know is that Google actually considers Rankbrain quite important. So important in fact, that it is already considered the third most important signal that Google bases it’s rankings on. So what does that mean? Is it an improvement over how things were done before? The answer is YES. Rankbrain can actually look into the intent of the search, not just the keywords. It’s trying to be more “human” in the way that it provides search results to you.

As far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned, we aren’t totally sure of the effects yet, but we really believe the goal is to provide the searcher with a better search experience. The good news is that it shouldn’t really affect how we do SEO. Currently, the focus in the SEO world IS the customer experience:

  • Writing done for the reader vs. keyword stuffing
  • Images that explain what you are writing about
  • User-friendly website design and site navigation
  • White-hat SEO vs. old spammy SEO tactics

So you see, what we are doing will go hand in hand with Rankbrain in the realm of SEO. Our goal with SEO, and the goal of Google’s Rankbrain all seem to have the same focus in mind: The person doing the search. As long as we focus on that, we will do JUST fine. For questions about Rankbrain or SEO, contact the WTI SEO team at 309-489-0026 in Illinois or 712-792-4427 in Iowa.

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Four Words that Mean So Much

“How Can We Help?”

hand-792920_640In a time where everyone likes to tell you exactly how to run your business, and you are just about ready to wave the white flag for lack of knowing how to even begin online marketing for your business, WTI can throw you a lifeline. Websites to Impress is going to take a little bit of a different approach when it comes to designing and building your website and starting your with your online marketing adventure. It is one of the things that makes us stand out from our competition. Here are a few ways where we put our “How can we help?” mentality to work.

1. When we build your website, we don’t limit revisions on mockups. A mockup up is a design example we can send you so you can see what your website might look like. When we meet with new clients we get an idea of what they are looking for and build a design based on that information. Our motto is “Love your Website, We’ll Show You How!” and we mean that – we want you to love the website we create for you, and so we will tweak your website design until you love it.

2. We offer a full range of web services to support your new or redesigned website. Many website design companies will build you a website and then let you go figure out what to do with it. At Websites to Impress, we offer all the services you need to get that website found. Search Engine Optimization is an investment in your business that will help your search engine rankings grow over time. In the mean time we offer Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management to get you seen right away. We also offer other e-marketing solutions such as e-mail marketing, social media management, print advertising and more so you can have full service marketing at your fingertips.

3. We are known for going above and beyond the norm. Whether you need a booth designed for a trade show, or training on how to use your new content management system for your website, we are here for you, Our goal is to make sure that you can use your website as a tool for marketing your business, and we will try to do whatever it takes to support that business.

Websites to Impress is a Full Service Online Marketing Company

help with my websiteSo what it boils down to is that we want to know how we can help you. From designing you a new logo to building you an online store, Websites to Impress is here to listen to your needs. We have a project management team that works closely with our designers, programmers, and SEO & PPC team to ensure your experience from beginning to end with WTI is a positive one. If you have worked with Websites to Impress, we want to hear what you think! You can review us online in the following places:

Google My Business

Internal Linking – The Benefits

Internal Linking:

Why it’s Still Important for Your Website

Internal linking is a beneficial SEO tactic for your websiteMany people don’t see the benefits to internal linking any more. Fact it, it is still a huge benefit to your website. Here are some great reasons to continue using internal linking as an SEO tactic. Our SEO team can use internal linking to provide the following benefits:

Internal Linking provides your website reader with additional reading material and content. If you are writing about a great product or service, and how it works with another great product or service you offer, link to that product or service to give your reader a chance to read more about it.

You an improve your ranking for some of your search terms and keywords with good internal links. You can use what is called “Alt Text” using one of your actual keywords you are trying to rank for to link to your main page about that topic. This can build trust in your content and allow Google and other search engines to maneuver around your site to get to the right information.

Links can help you promote yourself. Whether it is an event or another service, you can link to things you want to promote. For example, you offer a special promotion on a service you offer in the Spring only, you can create a page and link to that page about the event. (Don’t forget, this type of page is something you will want to promote externally too on social media!)
Maybe most importantly internal linking allows Google to crawl your website. Good internal (and external!) linking gives Google a way to crawl your site and index the pages your site more quickly and efficiently. Really, this is what is all about. For any of the above options to matter, you need to be able to get potential clients and customers to your website.

If you have questions about internal linking or other SEO methods, call the SEO team at Websites to Impress today. We are available at both our Iowa and Illinois offices to answer your questions. You can contact us at our Geneseo, IL office at 309-489-0026. We look forward to helping you get found, with internal linking and other great search engine optimization tactics.