Website Performance: Is it Really That Important?

Considering Upgrading Your Website? Here’s Why You Should.

Website speed is a factor in keeping customers on your site.Are you looking at your old, outdated website and wondering if it really matters if it is old and outdated? The answer is  YES, absolutely. There are many reasons to update your website, but now more than ever, customer experience is critical to your search engine rankings, and customer consideration of your product or service. Here are some factors for you to consider when updating your website.

Site Speed

It has been proven that people will leave your website if it doesn’t load quickly. Old, outdated websites tend to use old code or platforms that won’t load quickly at all. Google offers a tool you can use to determine your site’s speed. We would recommend a score over 80 at least for your site, especially in regards to search engine optimization.

Fresh Look & Content

Site speed isn’t the only factor that users find important. Another huge factor that will keep users on your website is freshly updated content. One option for you when you are upgrading or developing a website is to consider a content management system. WTI offers a CMS that allows you to update your own content as needed. You can add new pictures as well, which can also help keep things current.


Branding and mobile friendly sites are also very important for your website.Don’t forget the importance of having a mobile-friendly or responsive website. If your website performs well, but it doesn’t work well on mobile devices or tablets, you can lose a large percentage of your site viewers. The number of people using the internet on mobile will only rise, so expect this factor to become more and more important.


One last thing we recommend to enhance customer experience is to brand yourself. When you have an updated website, follow suit with that updated look throughout social media and where ever your brand lives online including local directories. This will help make you more noticeable and memorable.

WTI offers website design and re-design options for everything from a one-page website to a full-blown e-commerce website. We offer free quotes for your custom website design and can help you with your online marketing and search engine optimization as well. Don’t worry about your old, antiquated website a day longer. Call us to get started today.