I’ve Been Hacked!

hacking, Websites to Impress, SEO,It is a fact in the modern world that websites and servers are under constant attack from outside sources. According to Sophos Labs, an average of 30,000 new websites are identified every day as being hacked. Sometimes these attacks are for financial reasons. The hackers may be trying to gain identity or other information to sell or to gain access to bank or other financial accounts. In other cases, hackers want to harm the target by causing a DoS, or Denial of Service. This occurs when a system is infected with a Trojan horse virus, causing the system or machine to be unavailable to its intended users. Lastly, many times, hackers just like to attack a site to show off to others. There are sites out there where they post screenshots of their “trophies” to their peers. To these types of hackers, it’s just a game to see if they can outwit the security systems that are in place. No one is immune to these kinds of invasions. Google, Amazon, NASA and the Federal government have all been hacked at one time or another, sometimes repeatedly. It doesn’t matter what size company you are or what industry you are in, you will probably be a victim of a hacker at some point.

Let Experts Deal With Hacking

website security, backupIt is tempting to use one of the many do-it-yourself website programs that are on the market, such as Wix or Website Tonight by GoDaddy. It can be a cheap and easy way to get a website out there, but you don’t have the protection and expertise of a team of professionals behind you. A good website host can fend off many attacks and even though they can’t stop 100% of them, they can minimize the damage caused by the ones that do get through. In addition, if your site is hacked, an experienced team of web designers and programmers is going to know how to quickly repair the site and bring it back to the way it was before the damage was caused. If you built your site yourself, you may have to completely start from scratch, wasting valuable time and money.

More Than A Pretty Face

Protecting yourself from hacking isn’t the only reason you should hire professionals to build and host your website. Many people think that building a website is mainly just choosing colors and a logo and plugging it into a template. There is much more that goes into it. The process can take one to two months to complete and make sure everything is working correctly. This isn’t a weekend project, if you want it done correctly.

The purpose of your website is to generate leads, so you need a website that will not only be found in search engines but will keep the visitor from bouncing once they land on your page. You need to generate sales or revenue with your site or you are just throwing money away. A company that specializes in websites, like Websites to Impress, has designers, programmers SEO specialists and other experts that make your site stand out and bring people in and then keep them there once they click on your site.

Impress Your Customers

website design, SEOOur project managers will work with you to develop a site that not only matches your company but works within the “rules” of the search engine world. Things that sound good on paper don’t always work well when trying to attract customers. Our project manager will work with you throughout the process, keeping you updated and informed, so there are no surprises at the end. Our talented programmers, designers, and writers will make your website stand out and once it’s live, our marketing and SEO people will make sure you are doing your best in search engines like Bing and Google. Your new website will stand out in Google and Bing searches and bring customers to your site. They’ll look around your website and then hopefully contact you or purchase your goods or services. We’ll give you the tools to bring the customers in!

Give Websites to Impress a call and you’ll quickly see how cost-effective having a professional team of experts build and host your website can be. You’ll rest easy knowing your website is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready when your customers are looking for answers. You’ll be able to do what you do what you do well which is concentrate on your day-to-day business, while we take care of your website.

Online Reputation Management: You’ve got a rep to protect!

Online Reviews can Make or Break Your Business

How do you protect your reputation online?Not since high school have you worried so much about what people think of you. Back then you had a rep to protect. Now it’s even more important. As a business owner you have probably heard that people can leave you reviews online. It can be very frustrating because you literally have no control over what people say about you online. Or do you? Online Reputation Management can help you keep an eye on those review bullies out there, and build a more positive view of your brand online.

Here’s How it Works!

Websites to Impress has a program to help you monitor your reputation online. We have the ability to root out reviews of your business online that aren’t so hot. The best way to handle these reviews is to reply in a positive way and give others a chance to see that you are trying to make things right.

Untitled design (1)We take it a step further though. We can actually get in touch with existing clients to get their feedback. When someone provides a positive review, we can direct them to leave that review online a place that is convenient for them, and for you! A great place to leave reviews is Google My Business – your Google + page for you business. This can actually help build your local SEO results. Facebook, Yelp, the BBB, Homeadvisor, Houzz, Trip Advisor, and other locations are also great places to direct your clients to leave reviews. We will tailor where reviews are left for you based on your industry or the products and services you provide.

Get Control of your Rep

Just like when you are in high school and rumors are flying, your online reputation can really make or break your brand. But look at things another way. If you take control of your reputation, you can actually get reviews to work in your favor. So consider the fact that you very likely have had a lot of HAPPY customers and take advantage of our Online Reputation Management Program. Call Tammy at WTI at 309-489-0026 to get a plan that is tailored to your businesses very specific needs and get control of your online reputation today!