Trick or Treat: Unsolicited Digital Marketing Advice

It’s SCARY how many companies want to give you digital marketing advice.

Happy Halloween from WTI! For Halloween, we thought we would cover a topic WE find a little bit scary. We are just amazed at the number of our clients getting bombarded with unsolicited digital marketing advice. We’ve blogged about this before. Everyone knows that there is always another company out there that is trying to sell you their services. They are always going to find the pain points in your website to try to get your business or offer you a free analysis to get you to change to their services. Making a decision about a digital marketing company can be downright FRIGHTENING!

How do you know you are working with the right digital marketing team?

At WTI we believe the proof is in the leads, the return on investment. As a website owner, it’s really hard to understand what digital marketing is and what it is doing for you. You shouldn’t have to know everything about digital marketing to know if a company is good or not. The digital marketing company should be able to do a few things for you so you know the digital marketing is working:

  1. digital marketing adviceLead tracking – if you track leads, and you see a trend of more leads over time you know your digital marketing plan is working.
  2. No contracts – oftentimes digital marketing companies will lock you into a contract so they are assured revenue whether you are getting leads or not. Look for digital marketing companies that believe in their work enough to not make you sign a contract.
  3. Reports – wouldn’t it be nice if you had a simple report that shows how your website is performing? A good digital marketing company will provide you with an easy to understand report to explain your monthly website traffic and behavior.
  4. Communication – you know your company and your digital marketing company should know a thing or two about SEO, Adwords, social media, email marketing and so on. With an open line of communication is the best way to truly represent your business online.
  5. Flexibility – there are all types of digital marketing tasks that could benefit your business. Results should be analyzed and tasks going forward should reflect more of works well for your business. Digital marketing companies with flexible services can benefit you in this way.

Who does the ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Well, we’re pretty proud to say that at Websites to Impress our digital marketing team does all five of the items listed above. We track leads where we can tell you where they are coming from – organic or paid traffic and if it is a call or a website form that was filled out. We even allow you to login to the tracking software to see the leads for yourself (they are YOUR leads!) We don’t have you sign a contract because we truly believe in our team and our services. Each month you will get reports from our team showing your performance for the month prior. We like to talk to our clients at least once a month to stay in touch and work hard to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry (as well as our own!) But maybe most important of all, we offer flexible digital marketing packages so we can figure out what works best for you.

Call us. Let’s take a look at your online presence, and do a little bit of digital marketing consulting to see how we can work for you!


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