Google Adwords News: Daily Budget Can Now Double

Google Announces Automatic Doubling of Daily Budget Spend

Reading blogs and information on Digital Marketing is part of our daily life here at Websites to Impress.  But when we read this news, we were a little taken aback. We are challenged daily to help potential clients figure out a monthly budget for their Google Adwords spend. It can be a challenge. You want to make sure you have enough budget to make sure your Ads are showing (and you won’t see the dreaded “limited by budget”) but many of clients have a budget they need to stick to for their digital marketing. So with the new rule from Google it presents some challenges for all of us.

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Google can automatically doubling your adwords daily budget


Should You Change Your Monthly Budget Because of the New Rule?

A question we are getting from current clients is how to handle this change. Should they adjust their monthly Google Adwords max to compensate for this update? The feeling we are getting is that you don’t necessarily need to change your monthly budget. Google has stated as well that your monthly charge limit will not be breached. It also is showing an informational message in Adwords that states that on days that you have a lot of high quality traffic is when your daily budget can double. The are claiming that it will be balanced out on days when you spend less than your daily budget. What it really means to us is that you need to have a team that can monitor activity and make recommendations on your budget and spend. We will be there for you!

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UPDATE: Read about impacts of the change from SearchEngineLand

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