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Here’s to a Great Holiday Season (of Online Shopping!)

5 Ways to Convert Website Traffic to Sales this Holiday Season

promote Christmas shopping on your websiteIt’s that time of year and as a business owner with a website you want to make the best of all the traffic coming to your website. Here are a few small tricks that you can do to help convert those people visiting to sales.

Special Offers

By offering a percentage off a purchase or free shipping you can easily make up someone’s mind about a sale. You can even have a pop-up offer right when people come to your site.

Visible Call to Action

Make sure your offer or free shipping graphic is front and center and make sure it is on each page so that where ever people enter the site they will see your promotion.

Have an Email Promotion

This is a great way to gain subscribers to your emails. You can offer an email specific promotion if people subscribe.

Try a Remarketing Campaign

If someone has been to your site before, a remarketing campaign can help bring them back by showing your ad on other sites they visit. It’s a great way to make your brand visible during the holidays to previous visitors.

Add Touches to Your Site that Say “Holidays!”

Aincrease online sales through your websitedd banners, blogs, graphics to your site that are stylish but definitely say the holidays. It’s a great way to get people in the mood to shop! Don’t forget to update your social media with banners and graphics with the same theme and look for branding purposes.

HAVE FUN with Your Website

If your website has a fun look and feel, people will feel good when they visit.

Happy Holidays from Websites to Impress, Inc!