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Digital Marketing: How Do You Determine what You Need

There is no easy hook to figuring out what you need for digital marketing.

digital marketing hookI only wish it were that easy. It’s a question we get quite frequently from clients when they complete their website or after they redesign their website and are looking to expand their online presence. I get a lot of comments and questions like these:

“I want to rank number one in Google.”

“I want everyone to know my brand.”

“My website is online now, why can’t people find me?”

There is no simple hook or answer to these comments / questions. It takes research and time to find the best process for each individual client to determine the best digital marketing strategy for their business. So where do you begin?

Ask Two Simple Questions

To start, ask two simple questions.

  1. Am I getting leads from my website?
  2. If I am getting leads, can I determine how I am getting them and how many?

If you don’t know the answers to the questions above, you don’t know if the investment you make in your website is worth it. The biggest goal that most businesses have for their website is get get leads from their website, real business. The biggest problem is most people don’t know if that is happening. By working with a smart digital marketing company, they can use tools such as call tracking and Google Analytics goals to determine if people are reaching out to you via your website and how. This can help you make a more educated decision on what types of marketing work for you.

Click Here to Read about Google Analytics Goals

Understand it is a Marathon not a Sprint

Once you are setup to measure return on investment, it is important to consider what methods of digital marketing would work for you. So what are the most common methods? There is no magic hook to get you positioned for greatness on day one of digital marketing. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Understanding the tools in the digital marketing toolbox are key. Click on each item below to learn more!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO: SEO is a long term strategy to consistently improve your website so it ranks better for keyword searches relevant to your business on search engines. Your digital marketing team will need to develop keywords using keyword research for words and phrases that will bring search volume to you. This is something that always should be evaluated and re-evaluated. The site should then be optimized for those keywords. There are numerous onsite and offsite tasks that need to be constantly worked on to position you for the ever changing landscape on search engines. SEO takes time and research but will lower your cost per lead over time.

Click Here to Learn Specifics on Local SEO 

Pay Per Click (a.k.a. Adwords, Paid Advertising, SEM): This form of digital marketing works well for businesses with large budgets, or businesses just starting out online where SEO is not bringing them a ton of search volume yet. Ads are positioned high in search engine results to provide you viability, but you need to keep in mind you are bidding against your competitors for the top spots for keyword searches.

Online Reputation Management: People right reviews, and give their opinion about your business whether you know it or not. Knowledge is power when it comes to your online presence. By knowing what reviews exist online, you can respond to them and look for ways to get positive information about your business online. Reviews can actually play into your search engine rankings, especially local results. It’s important to know where you stand.

Social Media: Such a powerful and inexpensive tool. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms you can reach out to people and direct them to your website. Using social media marketing in the form of ads and boosted posts, you can reach out to people in almost any area or demographic that might not otherwise know you are there.

Email Marketing: Staying in front of your existing client base is an excellent way to retain them and build awareness as to what’s going on with your business. It’s a great way to offer specials, get feedback, promote new services or products, and more.

So How Do You Determine what Methods are Right for You?

This can be the tricky part. On your own, you might not know where to begin. By using a digital partner like Websites to Impress, you can make a marketing plan. We have tools to compare you to where your competitors are on the digital landscape, and we can build a custom digital marketing plan to put you a step ahead. Our digital marketing plans are built in a way that we can use ALL of the tools above based on your current needs, as well as the results. We can look at how your digital marketing is working and do more of what is working and less of what isn’t.

So, while there is no easy answer to what digital marketing works best for everyone, we do have the ability to figure out what will work FOR YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. For a free estimate as well as an analysis of your current web presence, contact Cindy or Tammy at Websites to Impress. Let us come up with a custom digital marketing plan built for you.





Four Words that Mean So Much

“How Can We Help?”

hand-792920_640In a time where everyone likes to tell you exactly how to run your business, and you are just about ready to wave the white flag for lack of knowing how to even begin online marketing for your business, WTI can throw you a lifeline. Websites to Impress is going to take a little bit of a different approach when it comes to designing and building your website and starting yours with your online marketing adventure. It is one of the things that makes us stand out from our competition. Here are a few ways where we put our “How can we help?” mentality to work.

1. When we build your website, we don’t limit revisions on mockups. A mockup up is a design example we can send you so you can see what your website might look like. When we meet with new clients we get an idea of what they are looking for and build a design based on that information. Our motto is “Love your Website, We’ll Show You How!” and we mean that – we want you to love the website we create for you, and so we will tweak your website design until you love it.

2. We offer a full range of web services to support your new or redesigned website. Many website design companies will build you a website and then let you go figure out what to do with it. At Websites to Impress, we offer all the services you need to get that website found. Search Engine Optimization is an investment in your business that will help your search engine rankings grow over time. In the meantime, we offer Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management to get you seen right away. We also offer other e-marketing solutions such as e-mail marketing, social media management, print advertising and more so you can have full-service marketing at your fingertips.

3. We are known for going above and beyond the norm. Whether you need a booth designed for a trade show or training on how to use your new content management system for your website, we are here for you, Our goal is to make sure that you can use your website as a tool for marketing your business, and we will try to do whatever it takes to support that business.

Websites to Impress is a Full-Service Online Marketing Company

help with my websiteSo what it boils down to is that we want to know how we can help you. From designing you a new logo to building you an online store, Websites to Impress is here to listen to your needs. We have a project management team that works closely with our designers, programmers, and SEO & PPC team to ensure your experience from beginning to end with WTI is a positive one. If you have worked with Websites to Impress, we want to hear what you think! You can review us online in the following places:

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How to Get More Out of Your Pay Per Click Campaign

How to Get the Most out of Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Techniques from Websites to ImpressIf you are looking for a way to increase your web presence, you might consider investing in a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign. This tool allows you to reach a greater amount of people online and get even more leads. Though this is a useful tool for gaining exposure, pay-per-click ads can quickly get expensive, and many companies do not end up with the great results that they were hoping for.

That is why you should know what to do and what not to do beforehand. Having knowledge about the best pay per click techniques will help you get the results you are looking for at a minimal cost. Websites to Impress is here to give you some tips on how to get the most out of pay per click:

Use a Call to Action: Sometimes, customers need a little bit of encouragement to click on your ad. Make sure that you give searchers a reason to click on the ad and visit your site. Another way to encourage action is to make sure that your ads are completely accurate and that the phone number works. Faulty phone numbers and mistakes in your ad give you a bad reputation and look spammy.

Link to a Relevant Page: Pay per click ads are exactly what they sound like – you pay for every click. Ensuring that the ad sends potential buyers to the right place will help to reduce wasted money. While some people are ready to call and make a purchase right away, most people need you to give them more specific information both in the advertisement, and in the page the ad links to. Avoid linking the ad to the home page of your site, since this page usually does not have enough specific customers, and will only drive them away after they click the ad.

Track Keyword Performance: Once you start to run ads, you will notice patterns forming. Make sure that you monitor these patterns to spend your budget on PPC keywords that give you the best return. Most likely, this will require you to shift the budget from keyword to keyword and keep a close eye on how keywords perform. You can use analytical tools like Google AdWords to find the Quality Score of a keyword. Pay attention to this score as well as click-through rates to ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

Use Negative Keywords: Utilizing negative keywords in pay-per-click campaigns is something that is often overlooked. Create a list of negative keywords with AdWords to keep your business’ ad from showing up when certain keywords are searched. This helps prevent wasted clicks and saves you money.

Get More from Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign with WTI

Pay Per Click Tips for Iowa & Illinois WebsitesOverall, it is important to be flexible and make adjustments as needed. Because the way people search changes all the time, you should constantly analyze your campaign and adjust with the current trends. Try using a variety of different ad types and seeing which one give you the best results. Refining your campaign, keywords, and ads as you go can also help to give you a better return on your investment. The more experience that you gather running your PPC campaign, the easier it will become.

Websites to Impress is here to help with all of your pay per click campaign needs today. We will help you get the best results for your business with the least amount of money spent. Contact us today to get started with your free quote!