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SSL Certificates: 3 Very Good Reasons to Get One Installed Today

To Install an SSL Certificate or Not to Install an SSL Certificate. That is the Question.

A question we have had a lot of late is whether or not there are benefits to having an SSL Certificate for your website. To push that even further, there are questions about if having an SSL is a requirement for all websites. Let us break this down for you and give you our advice.

What is an SSL Certificate?

First, let us explain what an SSL  is and what it does for your website. 

SSL CertificatesSSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. That alone means very little to anyone. It’s what the SSL certificate does that is important. A SSL certificate is a tiny data file. It’s job is to digitally bind a cryptographic key to a website. It is installed on your server and when it is installed you will see a little padlock icon in your browser by the website url. You will also notice that the prefix to the url changes from http:// to https:// to indicate that a certificate is in use.

It ensure people that their connection to your website is secure, or safe. The cryptographic key is used to encrypt all transmitted data from the website. It also authenticates the identity of the website it is installed on. It is sometimes called a digital certificate. So, in simple terms, it makes things safe and gives people a warm fuzzy feeling when they come to your website.

A SSL certificate sounds pretty great right? What would be the downside? It does cost a bit extra to have one installed and has to be renewed annually.

Online SecuritySo Should YOU have a SSL Certificate for Your Website?

The short answer is like YES.

But aside from that warm, fuzzy feeling, WHY do you need one?

REASON NUMBER ONE: Search engines like Google may rank your website better if you have one installed. Back in 2014, Google indicated them as a ranking factor for SEO. This is one VERY good reason to have one installed. Read more about this revelation by clicking HERE.


The above message is available through Firefox on sites without SSL Certificates.

REASON NUMBER TWO: There are indications that browsers will show sites as not being secure, and some browsers have already started to point it out to users visiting sites not secured with an SSL. User trust is going to become more and more important as more and more sites install SSL certificates. You don’t want to be left in the dust.

READ MORE: 31% of Websites are Now Secure

REASON NUMBER THREE: SECURITY. Simply said, we live in a time were digital security is an issue. You can help protect visitors to your website by having an SSL certificate installed.

WTI Can Help Install a SSL Certificate for Your Website

We can install and maintain your website’s SSL Certificates. We make it easy by keeping track of when it is set to expire and we will make sure it gets reinstalled annually. So maybe it is time to jump on the security bandwagon. SSL certificates go beyond banks and online stores in today’s online world. Let us help you get secure and stay that way.


The Benefits of WTI’s Automated Back Up & Monitoring System

Protect Your Website with Backup & Monitoring

Back Up & Monitoring Systems have two very important purposes: data recovery and cyber attack or manipulation surveillance.

Data Recoverydata recovery system Illinois, Iowa

The main purpose of our Automated Back Up & Monitoring System is to keep a “clean” copy of all data that could be used to restore the website, if ever needed. This loss can potentially occur by human error.  Have you ever accidentally deleted files, photos, or pertinent information?  If you have, then you know what a benefit it would be to be able to restore your information with a click of a button. The Automated Back Up & Monitoring System saves a copy of web files and the site’s database(s) each day for ninety days. This allows our team to click a button to restore the site back to a chosen previous state within the past ninety days.

Beyond accidental human error, a site can be automatically or manually upgraded and break in terms of structure or functionality. Many websites are based on open source software like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. When these softwares come out with new versions, dependent on the types of changes, or the upgrades to themes, plugins or modules, it can break your site. Our Back Up & Monitoring System allows our team to take it back to a previous version to avoid site downtime and allows us to address the issues with the upgrade carefully and privately so that your customers never come in to contact with a broken or non-functioning site.

Our Back Up & Monitoring System assures that your site can be restored with minimal disruption.

Cyber Attacks or Manipulation SurveillanceData security system Illinois, Iowa

Unfortunately, all websites are vulnerable to hacking, but sometimes small businesses are even more at risk than they realize. Even though a website may have limited functionality, a weak password to a content management section can allow a hacker to destroy a website. Sites also become outdated as new browsers come out and coding best practices change, which can leave a site less protected as time goes on.

Many hackers are members of larger groups that hack websites and receive points according to the size or complexity of the website they hack. This is a cruel game, but as website owners, we need to be aware of what can happen. Choosing to use our Back Up & Monitoring System allows our team to be alerted every time your site is modified so that we can be proactive if any activity looks suspicious. If we find this to be the case, we will alert you and work on a plan together to limit the vulnerability or restore the site to a previous version, if necessary.

Our Back Up & Monitoring System allows your site to be monitored daily, protected, and prepared for any situation. It allows our team to be proactive to make sure your site is safe, instead of reactive when a problem occurs. Give us a call to get started on this affordable and important system so that you can be assured that your site is safe.