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Hosting, Domain, URL, and SSL Differences

There are a few times a year, like when your hosting or domain renews, that you may have to deal with these terms. Hosting, domain, URL, and SSL…what do they mean? We get this question often. In this article, we’ll define each term and explain some of the differences between them. Hosting Hosting is how Read More

WordPress 5.0 Brings Big Changes

Welcome to the world of blocks. WordPress is out to confuse those who edit in the WordPress backend with blocks. Many of us think that they should have just left a good thing alone, but we should welcome change, right? So here’s what’s new for those using WordPress. So what do we like? Not much, Read More

Do You Need Search Engine Optimization for Your Website?

If you’ve recently had a new website designed and built, or you’re planning for the new year, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to get a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package for your website. What do we do when we perform SEO work? Is it worth it to pay for this service? Let’s discuss Read More

7 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Management for Your Business

Do you keep up with your business’ social media? Is it really necessary? The short answer is yes. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and investing in social media management from marketing experts can help boost your business’ online presence significantly. Here is why you should consider social media management services for your Read More

Pinterest Update Can Help Grow Referral Traffic

Pinterest Update Can Help Your Business Pinterest recently redesigned its feed look making it faster and easier for Pinners to visit different web pages. These updates appear under the “Following” tab which shows pins from different accounts that a user has chosen to follow. Users can now decide whether they want to see a chronological Read More

Got SPAM all of a sudden? May Need a Recaptcha Update!

PSA: Recaptcha v3 is here to save the day, or at least your inbox from SPAM This blog is just to alert people of a recent change that may have you seeing SPAM. Recaptcha is a Google product that helps prevent SPAM in forms on your webite (remember that “I am not a robot” box?) Read More

Google My Business & Maps News

Updated Google My Business API for Developers Per Google: ” The Google My Business API lets developers build applications that interact directly with their business location information on the Google My Business server.” Google My Business has new API features with an update that came in November. Here is a list of some the important Read More

Botnets Attack WordPress: Is Your Login Information Strong?

A few days ago, it was reported that WordPress users are being faced with a hack which uses multiple login attempts to get into your website. It relies on simple username and passwords and the possible combinations of letters or numbers which might go with each to try to break into each website. Why are Read More

WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugin Hacked

IRONY: /’irænē/ Noun. A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing* as a result. The European Union passed laws earlier in 2017 and 2018 to help protect consumers’ personal data online. The EU General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) is supposed to make companies gather consent Read More

Support for PHP Versions

Having outdated/antiquated code on a website can be detrimental to the functionality of a site. You may have heard us preaching it before, but keeping plugins, content management systems, WordPress versions and other website code up-to-date is imperitive to the health of your website. It’s very common for people to update their website design, but Read More