August 2014 - Websites to Impress

Schools of SEO Thought

Does Old School SEO still WORK? With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changing on what seems to be a daily basis, a question you might ask yourself when you look at your own website is “Does my old-school SEO still work?” The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. There are many new methods for SEO Read More

Make Your Site Responsive NOW!

Responsive Websites – A Must for Today’s Websites Having a successful business today relies on utilizing a responsive website. A responsive website ensures that anyone can access your site from any device such as your smartphone or tablet. When a site is built within a responsive framework, the content, images, and structure of the site Read More

Web Maintenance

Keeping Your Website Fresh is a Big Deal Here’s the deal: websites, like businesses, change over time. New things are added, some things are taken out. Details are revised, and sometimes, you just don’t have time to keep things fresh. We get that your business is #1 when it comes to your to-do list and Read More

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Get Found With SEO When you own a business, that’s where you should be – in business. You should be in meetings, giving or listening to presentations, and dealing with everyday things that come with a business. The last thing you should be doing is figuring out how to get people to notice your website Read More

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design Can Make All the Difference When it comes to your website, it’s almost as important as your business itself. With the constant progression of the internet, more people are looking to their computer screens for information. We know how busy you are and that’s why we want to do the work for Read More