October 2015 - Websites to Impress

Rankbrain: What Is It, And How Does It Affect SEO?

Getting to the Bottom of Google’s Rankbrain Google made an annoucement this week that was not noticed by most, but it definitely is a big deal. For Google’s algorithms, it is pretty much a game changer. Rankbrain – or Google’s new “AI” machine learning update – will now be changing the way that search results Read More

Four Words that Mean So Much

“How Can We Help?” In a time where everyone likes to tell you exactly how to run your business, and you are just about ready to wave the white flag for lack of knowing how to even begin online marketing for your business, WTI can throw you a lifeline. Websites to Impress is going to Read More

Internal Linking – The Benefits

Internal Linking: Why it’s Still Important for Your Website Many people don’t see the benefits to internal linking any more. Fact it, it is still a huge benefit to your website. Here are some great reasons to continue using internal linking as an SEO tactic. Our SEO team can use internal linking to provide the Read More