February 2016 - Websites to Impress

The Write Stuff

Even though it seems like people are moving away from pen and paper, there is more written information being exchanged than ever before. Because of this, you need to have a written presence on your website, whether it be a blog or pages explaining your products and services. Before you jump in and start adding Read More

Hold On, I Gotta Take A Selfie

Social Media Marketing Between the photos of your coworker’s latest attempt at sushi and your grandma’s video of her cats, Ruby and Max, meowing along to Tom Jones, you may not think there is any room for your own marketing material on social media. Yes, it may be cluttered, but there is an art to Read More

Instagram Now Allows You to Manage Multiple Accounts!

Thank Heavens, You Can Now Manage All Your Instagram Accounts Easily! For those of us in Social Media Management, Instagram¬†has finally cut us a big break. At WTI, we can tell you that we are definitely…..well, relieved! The way it has worked in the past, you had to log out of an account and login Read More