October 2017 - Websites to Impress

Trick or Treat: Unsolicited Digital Marketing Advice

It’s SCARY how many companies want to give you digital marketing advice. Happy Halloween from WTI! For Halloween, we thought we would cover a topic WE find a little bit scary. We are just amazed at the number of our clients getting bombarded with unsolicited digital marketing advice. We’ve blogged about this before. Everyone knows Read More

Small Thanks with Google

Google is Providing a Great Tool to Help Local Businesses Get More Reviews Your customers are your biggest asset. Hands down. Kind words from your customers is internet gold. Websites to Impress offers a service called online reputation management. We are always looking for tools to help our clients show what’s great about them from Read More

Google Adwords News: Daily Budget Can Now Double

Google Announces Automatic Doubling of Daily Budget Spend Reading blogs and information on Digital Marketing is part of our daily life here at Websites to Impress.  But when we read this news, we were a little taken aback. We are challenged daily to help potential clients figure out a monthly budget for their Google Adwords Read More