October 2018 - Websites to Impress

On the Voice Search Front: Alexa Will Be “Everywhere”

Recently, Amazon released a whole new line of Alexa-powered devices from the usual Echo devices to smart appliances that integrate Alexa. In the race to keep up with and beat Google for in-home smart devices, Amazon is upping their game and providing many new options to consumers–and to marketers. As we mentioned in a previous Read More

Say NO to Clickbait!

It’s a weeknight and you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed. You see posts from friends, family, and coworkers, but maybe you also see websites begging you to click on their article links. These articles are called clickbait, and they’re hard to resist. However, they are not a good strategy for advertisers with recent changes Read More

The Latest on Voice Search

The search landscape is changing. As a business owner, it is too much to stay on top of. One thing that you may be hearing about (or using yourself) is voice search. I know that we have received numerous questions about how to be prepared for it. Per Search Engine Land 20 to 50 percent Read More

Google Maps and API Keys

Google made some changes this summer that we are beginning to notice are affecting some of our clients. In the past, it was easy and free to embed a Google map in your website, allowing people to not only see where you were located, but to utilize Google Maps to get directions and more. Beginning Read More

New Google Search Console Snapshots

If you are a verified user for your site, you may be seeing some new information in the search results for your site. Google is adding what Barry Schwartz, News Editor for Search Engine Land, is calling a snapshot or dashboard of metrics from the Google Search Console. What is Google Up To? As usual, Google Read More