The PPC Trends You Need To Know in 2019

PPC Trends in 2019

2018 was a big year in the world of Pay Per Click.

A quick review of 2018: Google rebranded their AdWords to Google Ads. They also created a new user experience, new campaign types, features, targeting options, and more. Bing Ads had changes in 2018 as well. They added several new features and improvements. Amazon was also on the rise this year.

So what can marketers expect to see in 2019 for PPC?

According to Social Media Today, up to 80 percent of marketers now have some sort of budget put into search, display, and remarketing ads. It is important to pay attention to your industry and see where you could be benefiting and where you could be losing out on on your PPC.

Here are some top PPC trends you need to know in 2019:

AI & Smart Automation

Automation is here to stay! Making sure that your accounts are managed efficiently will become even more important in 2019. This is best done by taking advantage of automation and developing strategies to use machine learning when it comes to ad testing, bidding, and more.

Automation will continue to increase in the future. Continue incorporating it into your campaigns.

Mobile Preference

It’s no secret that the use of mobile devices for search has increased. Making sure that your ads are customized for mobile ad experience is extremely important. Without paying attention to mobile traffic, marketers may waste their budgets and lose out on opportunities.

Begin by assessing the amount of traffic coming from mobile devices in your PPC account. Once you have analyzed your data, you can determine if the bid should be adjusted based on devices.

Higher Focus on Remarketing

2019 is the year to focus on remarketing. Remarketing has shown us that it is an effective strategy that results in in high conversion rates. It is also very cost effective.

Keywords & Audience Targeting

Targeting specific audiences is gaining popularity in search targeting. It is important for marketers to pay attention to when and where to use both keywords and audience targeting when you are setting up a campaign.

While keywords are still important, audiences allow marketers to target not just the right people, but the best possible future customers. 2019 will show that keywords and audience targeting will be of equal importance for PPC performance.

Create Strong Ads

In 2019, the actual ad and how you write the ad is extremly important. Make sure to have both strong headlines and descriptions in order to get your message across effectively.

Keep an eye on your headlines and make sure that the descriptions are closely related. This will help you achieve your goals.

Prepare for Voice Search

While you may not be getting a large amount of voice searches yet, it is important to be ready for them. Pay close attention to both information that voice searchers are looking for and the information that is providing irrelevant searches for your campaigns. Adjust your account accordingly.

Be sure to pay close attention to voice searches to see if there are any valuable keywords to add to your campaign.

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