September 2019 - Websites to Impress

New Malware Can Turn Your Computer Into a “Zombie Proxy”

Microsoft and Cisco Talos recently announced that they have discovered a malware campaign that can transform your personal computer into what Microsoft is calling a “zombie proxy”. The malware uses legitimate programs on your computer and it is suspected that it has infected thousands of PCs in the United States and Europe. Divergent or Nodersok Read More

Should You Let Team WTI Write Your Blog?

As we’ve discussed before, a blog is a great way to inform your customers, improve SEO, and build authority. But is this something you should do yourself or should you let Team WTI write them for you? DIY Blogs There are some cases where you may want to write your own blogs. Here are some Read More

Google On an Updating Frenzy

GThere are always a few major Google algorithm updates every year, but it seems like they are coming fast and furious lately. In the last 30 days, there have been updates on August 29th, September 4th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 24th, and 26th. The updates can cause some volatility in search engine rankings, but they tend Read More

How to Improve your SEO On and Off your Website

It is obvious why your website needs to rank well. Websites that are listed in the first few search results are much more likely to be visited. If you can get someone to visit your site it builds brand recognition, trust, and may convert to a sale. Especially if you have decent content. So take Read More

Team WTI Has a New Look!

A few months ago we announced we moved into a new location. A new view, more room, and a new attitude! Now comes a whole new rebranding!   Websites to Impress, Inc. is now Team WTI to reflect our shift from just websites to include all facets of digital marketing. We’re a team, dedicated to Read More

Are Users Giving Your Website an ‘F?’

Are viewers giving your website an F? Most likely, but that’s OK. The “F” refers to the reading pattern followed when looking at a site. How the F-pattern works First, users look in a horizontal movement across the upper part of the page (like the top “bar” of the letter “F.”) A reader will next Read More

Poorly Placed Photos Lead Readers Away From Your Blog

Are your photos subliminally leading people away from your blog posts? The orientation of photos matters and can be the difference between your blog being read or ignored. Great design relies heavily upon psychology, which reflects on how we process and perceive our world. Our mind fills in the blanks of photo movement Subliminally, our Read More