October 2019 - Websites to Impress

Google’s Betting BERT Can Understand You

For those of us that use search engines a lot, you know that there are certain ways you have to phrase things to get the right results. According to Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow and Vice President of Search, Google receives 5.6 billion searches every day and of those, 15% are queries that they’ve never encountered Read More

Apple Store Pulls Malicious Apps

The Apple App Store recently pulled 17 apps that were  infected with clicker trojan malware. The apps themselves don’t have anything that would alert the detection services in the Apple App Store. Instead, the apps communicate with a known command and control server, or C&C server. The server tells the app to simulate user interactions Read More

Do You Use Chrome or Firefox? You May Have Malware

The latest malware issue is being called “Reductor” and seems to be focused on Chrome and Firefox users. The malware was discovered by the security team at Kaspersky.  They came across the malware earlier this year and, after a lengthy investigation, they have released a report detailing their findings. If your system becomes infected with Read More