Are You Taking Advantage of Amazon Ads?

Most people that have businesses with an online presence are familiar with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, but another growing area is advertising with Amazon Ads.Amazon Ads

According to The Motley Fool, an estimated 80 million people are members of Amazon Prime, spending an average of $1300 annually. That’s out of the 300 million Amazon users that are exposed to advertising on the Amazon website.

Facebook may know what we like and Google may know what we search for, but Amazon knows what we BUY. All of these advertising platforms have their place in your marketing plan, but Amazon is a great place to advertise that hasn’t been promoted as much as the others.

Information is the best tool that anyone can have, so here is some background on Amazon Ads: what they are, why you should use them, and how to get started.

Amazon Ads 101

When a potential buyer puts an item in the search bar, a list of products appears. Listed among the organic listings are sponsored posts with small “Sponsored by Widgits Inc.” or just “Sponsored” along with an entry that includes an image and details about the product being advertised.

Amazon sponsor

If you want to promote your items and have them appear alongside the organic search results, you can bid on keywords. By bidding on the keyword, your product will appear higher in the Amazon search results. You won’t be charged until a shopper clicks on your ad.

Another location that your ad may appear is on individual product pages. The ads will coincide with products that have similar keywords. Your ad may also appear in a slider on the page with ads from other businesses. These are usually under the heading “Sponsored products related to this product”

This is just a basic overview of the types of ads you may find on Amazon.

Are Amazon Ads Right For You?

Now, not every business is going to be a good fit for Amazon Ads, you need to have a real item that someone can purchase online. Services wouldn’t work on Amazon, for obvious reasons. By putting your product on Amazon, you will have the eyes of millions of users that are shopping right at that moment.

In addition to having the Amazon Marketplace at your disposal, if you use Amazon Ads, your organic listings will also improve. Part of the reason for the increase is that you should see an uptick in the number of sales that come from the Amazon Ads. Sales history influences your ranking greatly; the more sales an item has, the higher Amazon will rank it.

The costs of Amazon Ads vary, just like Google Adwords, but the amount is usually a lot less than Google. According to a quick search, the prices were comparable to the lowest prices on Facebook Ads. Like we said at the beginning, these people are ones that are actively shopping, so there should be a better ROI than on other platforms.

WTI has the experience, strategy, and knowledge to help you get started with Amazon Ads, so contact us when you’re ready to start.

Is Your Competition Using Amazon Ads?

According to Third Door Media, 80% of Amazon advertisers are planning to increase their spending there. The same study showed that nearly half of the respondents were currently using Amazon Ads. Of the advertisers that said they were going to increase their spending, 20% of them were going to increase their Amazon budgets by 50% or more!

Make sure that you are competing on an even playing field (or have the advantage). If you aren’t currently advertising on Amazon, you should do yourself a favor and look into it. The Digital Marketing team at WTI is here to answer any questions and get you set up if you decide to gain on your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways that you can use Amazon Ads to your advantage.

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