Big Name MOZ has Clout when it Comes to Digital Marketing

Ever heard of MOZ? If you work in the world of search engines like we do, you know them, and you know them well. They are a giant in the world of SEO, providing free and paid tools for people like us. I read their website pretty religiously as well as consume what they post on social media (although I am sad that one of their leading guys – Rand Fishkin left to start his own business – Sparktoro). So what can the average website owner learn from MOZ? is a great source for information about digital marketing.

Domain Authority

MOZ has an internal ranking factor that is pretty much taken to heart by all search engine optimization companies called Domain Authority. This is a rank that says how well a website would likely do in search engines based on numerous factors including how long the domain has been online, the content, usability and other factors. Google doesn’t use this as a ranking factor itself, but it is a good indicator of how your website is doing on the whole. You can check yours here. MOZ just updated Domain Authority as well too. Read about it here.

What does your local presence look like?

MOZ can give you a great overview of how you are doing on local directories that will affect your local rank on search engines. If you are a service based company or a brick and mortar store, or other local business, this is a must do for you to show up in the Google Local Pack. Visit to get started or reach out to WTI for help. Our digital marketing packages include local SEO and Online Reputation Management and we utilitize MOZ local tools. 

Whiteboard Friday

Want to learn more about digital marketing in general including SEO, Social Media, Search Engines, and more? Whiteboard Friday from MOZ is a video series for those that are extra curious about the digital marketing world. They also have a great blog with information that spans the digital marketing world. 

Hands down, MOZ is a great source of information about all things digital marketing. I for one am grateful for all their great tips. It’s just another way the team at WTI stays on top of what is happening in our digital world. 

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