New Tools for Facebook Marketing

In the past month, Facebook has released several new tools and updated current interfaces to cater to businesses. Each of the new tools makes the Facebook marketing experience that much more streamlined. While many of us who use Facebook Ads Manager are used to lots of change, the newest update is more broad sweeping than past updates. Let’s take a look at some of the tools and changes to Facebook for businesses.

Ads Manager Update

Last month, Facebook released a major overhaul of the Ads Manager. It included new navigation, automated naming, and a third new cost cap bidding strategy (in addition to bid cap and target cost). Ads Manager also includes a new video editing tool and a feature for automated ads. The video editing feature makes it easy to upload and edit within Facebook instead of in a separate application. Updates like these help businesses easily manage their ad sets and campaigns, simplify ad budgets, and make it easier to create ads.

Automated Ads

As mentioned above, Facebook also released new “automated ads.” These ads are great for small businesses, and can run across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Facebook automatically creates automated ads for small businesses and available in up to six different forms. There’s a short questionnaire that businesses will fill out and then the ad is created. Automated ads could be an interesting option for smaller businesses that don’t want to hire out marketing services. However, automated ads are just that–automated. We know that automatic things don’t always work how we want them to, and this is a risk that you’ll have to take if you utilize automated ads. Traditional marketer created ads are still available, and they can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Which will you choose?

Appointment Booking

Lastly, Facebook is now offering appointment booking options for business page guests on Facebook and Instagram. Your guests will be allowed to make an appointment with you, which you then accept, and then it will send them periodic reminders to make sure they make the appointment. This can be a great way to connect with guests and get engagement. When you have a booking option on Facebook or Instagram, you skip the phone calls many people are wary of. Appointment booking could be a game changer for many businesses that utilize it.

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