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Google Maps and API Keys

Google made some changes this summer that we are beginning to notice are affecting some of our clients. In the past, it was easy and free to embed a Google map in your website, allowing people to not only see where you were located, but to utilize Google Maps to get directions and more. Beginning Read More

New Google Search Console Snapshots

If you are a verified user for your site, you may be seeing some new information in the search results for your site. Google is adding what Barry Schwartz, News Editor for Search Engine Land, is calling a snapshot or dashboard of metrics from the Google Search Console. What is Google Up To? As usual, Google Read More

Search Results Near Me

  Most research shows that smartphones are the number one choice of digital tools for those under the age of 50, with the majority of those users using their phones to conduct local searches. According to Google, local intent searches make up 30-50% of all mobile queries. Even more impressive, Google states that over the Read More


In the past, you could get away with improving SEO results just by plugging keywords in without any regard to context or syntax. Back then, the thought was just to write thousands of words on a page, hoping that you would hit all the right words to show up in the top results. Kind of Read More

Google Making it Easy to Find “Women-Led” and “Veteran-Led” Businesses on Google My Business/Google Maps

In this blog posted by Google, they announced that they are letting businesses tag themselves as “Veteran-Led”. This will make it easier for people to find and choose businesses led by those who have served our country. If you look at the numbers provided by the U.S. Government, Google has an estimate that around 2.5 Read More

Why Choose Automated Backup and Hosting with WTI?

Sometimes it’s hard to know who you should choose for Automated Backup and Hosting. We all need hosting for our website, but is automated backup a service that is necessary? Should you spend the money in your budget or not? At WTI, we offer our Automated Backup and Hosting services as well as our Search Read More

The Facts About Website Security in 2017

If you’ve ever dealt with a website hack, you know what a hassle it can be. Whether your website goes down or displays incorrect or inappropriate content, every hack is a serious headache. In May of 2018, Sucuri, one leading company when it comes to website security information, released a study with data from 2017. Read More

The Top 5 Current Design Trends in 2018

The article below is from one of our talented designers, Arturo Jimenez. Arturo has been with WTI for 3 years. His favorite part of his job at WTI: Finding creative ways to design, edit, and organize content on a website! Arturo works in our Davenport, Iowa office with teammates Haley Walker and Beth Yaeger. If you Read More

Does Your School Website Need an SSL?

Security changes are coming and the people in charge of school websites should take notice. It’s not new news that Google has been focusing on security in the age of hacking and malware. For the last few years they have been pushing to make websites more secure by trying to get sites to adopt the Read More

Oh No! Your Website Is Down! Or Is It An Internal Problem?

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out if you Can’t See Your Website on the Office Network It happens in our office and surely happens in yours. You can’t see your own website while on your own business network. We hear it from our clients all the time. Don’t worry! Your website is still available, and we Read More