Should You Let Team WTI Write Your Blog?

As we’ve discussed before, a blog is a great way to inform your customers, improve SEO, and build authority. But is this something you should do yourself or should you let Team WTI write them for you?

DIY Blogs

There are some cases where you may want to write your own blogs. Here are some reasons that we think make sense:

  • You have someone who can write. Everyone can write, but only a few can write well. Be realistic in your assessment of someone’s writing abilities. These posts will reflect on your company and if you aren’t clear in your writing, you may turn away a potential customer.
  • Your writer has the time. There may be some downtime that allows your writer to put a post together. Plan on a minimum of an hour for writing and formatting a blog post.
  • You have someone in your company with specific knowledge. Someone that lives and breathes your industry is going to have more information than a hired content writer. If you can translate those ideas into a format that your reader can understand, then you should write a blog about it!

Let Us Write For You

We’re fortunate at Team WTI to have a staff of talented writers. We can help you with blog postings for your site and here are some reasons why:

  • Writing is our job. The writers at Team WTI are experienced and knowledgeable. They know how to write for the web, which can be different than other media. They are able to mimic the voice of your website, making the blog posts a seamless part of your business.
  • We’re everyday people. Most of the people that visit your site and read your blogs are not insiders in your industry, so they may not understand technical jargon and references. Our writers can take your information and write it in a way that your customers can understand and appreciate.
  • We know SEO. Our content writers and digital marketing team study SEO on a daily basis. A blog for a website is more than just writing, you have to make sure that the content helps your site, also. The blogs we write include meta descriptions, keywords, formatting, images with alt tags, inbound and outbound links, and more.
  • We’re efficient. Just like it would take us much longer to do your job, we can probably write a blog faster than your writer. You’ll get more product for the time it would take, allowing us to spend time on other parts of your website.

Team WTI and Your Blog: A Winning Combination

Whether you choose to write your blog yourself or have us write them for you, working with Team WTI is a smart decision. We take a personal interest in your website and work hard to make sure it succeeds month after month.

Check out our blog to see some samples of our work. Contact us to learn more about all the services we have to offer your business.

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