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Do You Use Chrome or Firefox? You May Have Malware

The latest malware issue is being called “Reductor” and seems to be focused on Chrome and Firefox users. The malware was discovered by the security team at Kaspersky.  They came across the malware earlier this year and, after a lengthy investigation, they have released a report detailing their findings.

Cybersecurity alert: Reductor malwareIf your system becomes infected with Reductor it can be open to vulnerabilities over a network. The malware is a Remote Access Trojan or RAT, an appropriate acronym. Through this RAT, a hacker can upload, download, or execute files. According to Kaspersky’s report, they aren’t yet sure what the hackers’ endgame is in regards to creating the malware and releasing it into the wild.

Kaspersky’s security research team states:

“Analysis of the malware allowed us to confirm that the operators have some control over the target’s network channel and could replace legitimate installers with infected ones on the fly. That places the actor in a very exclusive club, with capabilities that few other actors in the world have.”

Your Next Step

The security researchers at Kaspersky haven’t seen a widespread appearance of this malware, but they are being proactive. Now that the malware has been identified, antivirus companies can add it to their database. Once added to their antivirus software, the malware can be detected and deleted when the system is scanned.

Run an Antivirus System Scan

To make sure that your computer is safe, run a system scan through your antivirus software. If you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer, stop reading this right now and go download one. Some of the top-rated antivirus programs are:

As always, you should be careful when you’re online. Don’t download software from unofficial sources and avoid opening suspicious email attachments.

If you have good antivirus software on your computer, you will be protected from malicious content.

Enjoy surfing the web and let’s be safe out there.