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Should You Let Team WTI Write Your Blog?

As we’ve discussed before, a blog is a great way to inform your customers, improve SEO, and build authority. But is this something you should do yourself or should you let Team WTI write them for you?

DIY Blogs

There are some cases where you may want to write your own blogs. Here are some reasons that we think make sense:

  • You have someone who can write. Everyone can write, but only a few can write well. Be realistic in your assessment of someone’s writing abilities. These posts will reflect on your company and if you aren’t clear in your writing, you may turn away a potential customer.
  • Your writer has the time. There may be some downtime that allows your writer to put a post together. Plan on a minimum of an hour for writing and formatting a blog post.
  • You have someone in your company with specific knowledge. Someone that lives and breathes your industry is going to have more information than a hired content writer. If you can translate those ideas into a format that your reader can understand, then you should write a blog about it!

Let Us Write For You

We’re fortunate at Team WTI to have a staff of talented writers. We can help you with blog postings for your site and here are some reasons why:

  • Writing is our job. The writers at Team WTI are experienced and knowledgeable. They know how to write for the web, which can be different than other media. They are able to mimic the voice of your website, making the blog posts a seamless part of your business.
  • We’re everyday people. Most of the people that visit your site and read your blogs are not insiders in your industry, so they may not understand technical jargon and references. Our writers can take your information and write it in a way that your customers can understand and appreciate.
  • We know SEO. Our content writers and digital marketing team study SEO on a daily basis. A blog for a website is more than just writing, you have to make sure that the content helps your site, also. The blogs we write include meta descriptions, keywords, formatting, images with alt tags, inbound and outbound links, and more.
  • We’re efficient. Just like it would take us much longer to do your job, we can probably write a blog faster than your writer. You’ll get more product for the time it would take, allowing us to spend time on other parts of your website.

Team WTI and Your Blog: A Winning Combination

Whether you choose to write your blog yourself or have us write them for you, working with Team WTI is a smart decision. We take a personal interest in your website and work hard to make sure it succeeds month after month.

Check out our blog to see some samples of our work. Contact us to learn more about all the services we have to offer your business.

Poorly Placed Photos Lead Readers Away From Your Blog

Infographic on blue background detailing how photo orientation helps blogsAre your photos subliminally leading people away from your blog posts? The orientation of photos matters and can be the difference between your blog being read or ignored.

Great design relies heavily upon psychology, which reflects on how we process and perceive our world.

Our mind fills in the blanks of photo movement

Subliminally, our mind constantly evaluates and makes decisions about the visual elements we’re seeing.

For example, if a photo shows a person walking, our eyes will naturally follow the direction of the walk. If the walk leads away from your blog post, then readers’ eyes also will leave.

We’ve spent our entire lives looking at photos. We understand they’re a moment captured in time. As a result, our mind subconsciously fills in “what happens next.”

Take the image of a football quarterback preparing to throw the ball. The quarterback is looking downfield, his arm is pulled back and his body is in motion to throw.

We know what will happen next. The ball will be released and travel away from the quarterback.

Houston Texans quarterback in white jersey preparing to throw the football

As the quarterback prepares to throw, our mind naturally fills in the direction the ball is likely to take, and our eyes move accordingly.

Naturally, our “line of sight” fills in the likely trajectory and moves in the direction the ball will travel.

The photo itself is stationary, but our brains understand motion, so the mind fills in the blanks about what happens next.

If that line of sight looks away from your blog content, recapturing a reader’s attention will be difficult.

You have limited time to engage readers

The average attention span is only 10 minutes. You have a limited amount of time to engage your reader in what you’re saying.

Gray and white kitten with one paw raised playing with a green weed growing out between the mortar of paving stones.

The kitten is looking to the left as it plays with a flower. As a result, the eye travels to the right.

Brains are wired to focus on specific things. Using photos to subliminally point the eye back toward your content is key.

In his classic book, “The Design of Everyday Things” Donald A. Norman describes design as “an act of communication.”

Great designers understand how the human mind works. Design isn’t solely about “looking pretty” it’s about helping your readers connect with your content.

Let our SEO experts at Team WTI ensure customers are engaged with your site.

Why Your Company Should Have a Blog

This seems kind of meta, using a blog to tell you why you need a blog. Sometimes clients don’t understand why WTI encourages them to have a blog on their website. It’s an easy way to get content on your website, it’s very cost-effective, and it can provide your users with valuable information and resources.

Does your company's website need a blog?

A Blog is a Good ROI

Blogs are relatively low-cost, you just need someone that can write, a relevant topic, and a platform. The biggest expense is the time it takes to research and write the blog. HubSpot reports that companies that use blogs are 13 times more likely to have a higher ROI than ones that do not.

Users Expect Blogs

Blogs used to be used only by people writing about their kids or sharing recipes, but today the majority of companies have blogs. When potential customers come to your site, they expect there to be a blog.

Your Company Can Speak Through the Blog

The content on your website should be factual and detail-oriented. A blog allows you to cover topics that show your company’s personality, voice, values, and goals. If you have multiple people willing to write, the different perspectives and styles will keep your blog fresh and relative.

Blogs Attract Visitors

A study from HubSpot shows that blogging can bring in 55% more website visitors than sites without blogs. Blogs are great for existing customers, but they can also bring in new visitors. They may search for a topic, find your blog, then discover your product or service.

Blogs Increase Sales

Blogs aren’t usually used for sales purposes, but a study from Conductor.com states that visitors to the site are 131% more likely to buy from you immediately after reading content from your brand. Let me repeat that: 131% more likely.

Blogs Establish Trust

Think of your blog as another arm of your customer service department. You can use the blog to write about issues, questions, and interests for your customers. If you blog about things that interest them, it shows that you care about your customers and want to help them. They will trust you and people like to do business with companies and people that they trust.

Backlink Through Blogs

One of the ways to increase your search engine rankings is through backlinks. The easiest way to get a backlink is through a blog. If you create interesting topics, you could be picked up by other media and possibly go viral. Free exposure is the best kind, right?

Blogs Help SEO

In addition to adding backlinks to your site, blogs can help you with SEO by providing you with another place to put keywords and give users a good experience. These are two things that Google and Bing like to see when ranking sites. The blog also allows you to have longer content, keeping people on your site longer, another plus in search engine ranking.

Leads Come From Blogs

Blogs are a great way to attract potential customers. HubSpot’s study revealed that websites with blogs generated 67% more leads than those without a blog. Once you have the customer on your site using the blog, you can reel them in with a special deal or other calls to action.

Blogs Can Keep Customers Coming Back

How do you keep people coming back to your site? By adding new content! A blog can be a good resource for people interested in your product or the topics you write about. And while they are on your site, they just may buy something from you.

Contact us at Team WTI to learn more about starting a blog for your site or adding content to an existing one.