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Give Your Contact Page a Little Love (Part 2)

In my last post, I went over some suggestions to make your “Contact Us” page a little more robust. This post will go over some mistakes to avoid on your contact page.

If a potential or current customer gets frustrated trying to contact you, they won’t stick around long. Let’s see if we can get them to stick around.

contact us and say hello

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Contact Page

Contact Page? What Contact Page?

Umm…ok, if you don’t have a contact page, you have a problem. Stop reading this blog right now and contact us immediately. I even linked you to our contact page!

I know this seems obvious, but I’ve seen more than my fair share of sites that had no way to contact the business aside from buying a product.

Your website is probably set up to inform the user, getting them to buy your products or services, or otherwise interact with them. However, the visitor may have questions or suggestions that they need to talk to you about. Make sure you have a clear and easy way for them to do that.

Clear and Current Information

Just like the rest of your site, your contact page needs attention from time to time. It’s frustrating to go to a contact page only to find outdated or useless information.

Have you moved? Got a new phone number? Make sure that information is updated. Do you have new employees or ones that have left? Update the photos and contact information. This information should always be current. Don’t wait to do it, change it when it happens. Visitors aren’t going to wait to see if you’ve updated your site yet. If they’ve heard you made changes, they’ll go to your site for confirmation or to learn more. Make sure it’s changed on your site before it’s in the news.

More Than a Form

Forms are useful and easy to use, but it shouldn’t be the only thing on your contact page. Forms are rarely a one-size-fits-all answer for your visitors. Some people may not know how to correctly use the form, while visitors may have a need that isn’t met by the form.

In addition to the form, have other methods of contact, such as email addresses and phone numbers. And make sure these are clickable. More and more people are using mobile and it is much easier to click and call or email than to cut and paste or memorize the information to transfer it on their phones.

Some common complaints from people regarding forms include the following.

Forms are too long. If it’s not quick and easy to fill out the form, people are going to leave.

Forms break. Forms are fragile pieces of programming. A missed update or bug can break the form, making it useless or even non-existent.

Unresponsive forms. As stated earlier, mobile use is exploding. Many forms are not responsive and they may not format correctly on every mobile device that’s out there. Again, if people can’t easily contact you, they’ll find another business.

Can We Speak Privately?

I’ve seen many contact pages that only allow you to either leave a comment or contact the person on social media. Do you really want them to leave their rant for everyone to see? Or maybe they want to speak just to you and not have everyone read their question.

In the previous post, I stated that you should have a social media presence and that still is true. But make sure you have options for also contacting you privately. Also, make sure your social media is monitored daily. People want a quick response on those formats, so if you can’t provide that, don’t leave it on your contact page.

Keep it Simple

I’m all for puns, dad jokes, and clever turns of phrase, but when it comes to your contact page, you need to keep it clear. It should be easy to find in the navigation on every page. If a person can’t find your contact page, they’ll find someone else to help them.

Label the page “Contact”, “Contact Us”, or something else that is obvious. Avoid something that isn’t clear, like “Drop us a line” or “Let’s talk turkey”. Just stick to the basics, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to show off your creativity.

Undecipherable Captchas

We know that in some instances, a captcha is necessary, but choose the one you use wisely. We’ve all seen the tests where you can’t tell if it’s a “4”, an “h”, a pony, or a scratch on your screen. Choose wisely to keep people from saying “nevermind” and moving on.

Don’t Invade Their Privacy

All you need at this time is the basics: their first name or username, a way to respond to them, and what their question or comment is. Later you can gather more information if needed. People are very wary of passing out personal details, so don’t jump them with requests for their address, birthdate, or favorite superhero.

Build a relationship with them before drilling into their demographic. It’s a definite turn-off and people will look elsewhere if they feel uncomfortable.

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like us to take a look at your site, including your contact page, call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Check out the first part of the topic, if you missed it: Give Your Contact Page a Little Love (Part 1).

Give Your Contact Page a Little Love (Part 1)

The little contact page is a vital part of your website. However, people tend to overlook it, not realizing they could be losing customers and conversions.

contact us and say hello

Here are some tips from our Digital Marketing team to keep your “Contact Us” page healthy and effective.

The “Must-Haves”

Every contact page should have these basics.

  • The company’s name
  • The physical address of the company
  • A general phone number
  • A general company email address
  • A contact form

Your site should have these essentials at the bare minimum. A general phone number and email are important. Sometimes people aren’t sure who they need to talk to, so they just want someone at your company that can either help them or point them towards the right person.

That being said, if you have multiple departments, add their contact information to the page, also. The key is that you don’t want people to get frustrated when they are either having an issue, want to pay you, or want to buy your product or service.

If you have multiple locations, you will want to add their addresses and email information to the contact page. However, make sure that the headquarters’ information is highlighted or otherwise easy to find on the page.

The “Extras”

If you’ve worked hard to make the rest of your site look good, don’t slack off when it comes to your contact page. We’ve all seen the pages that are just a block of text. Snoozeville!

If you want to make your contact page stand out a little and maybe even help drive some business, you can try some of these ideas.

When and How to Contact

Let them know what time phones are answered by a human being (if they are). Make sure you have voicemail or an answering service during times that the phones can’t be answered. If you put that information on your contact page, you help lower frustration and make sure people’s expectations are met. Also, let them know an email will be responded to within a set amount of time. I’ve sent emails to businesses and got a response long after the information was needed (or not at all).


You can also add a list of common questions or topics that people contact you about. Link these topics to webpages that answer their questions or add additional information. If people can find the answer themselves, they not only will stay on your site longer, but they will appreciate you being a reliable resource. This will also cut down on the number of calls you receive for information that is covered already.

Be a Social Butterfly

First, you have your social media covered, right? If not make sure that you are on the big ones (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). List the social media accounts that you use and respond to any direct messages or mentions of your company promptly. If people contact you on these sites, they are looking for a quick response.

Map it Out

It’s easy to add a map to your contact page. It looks nice and professional and shows where you are located. If you have multiple locations, the map shows your reach clearly and if there are any nearby locations. If you embed a Google map, your users can also get directions to your location.

Picture That

Add pictures of staff that people will be interacting with. It’s nice to put a face to a name and humanizes your business. Another good idea is to have a picture of your business if people are going to visit (or if you’re just really proud of your building).

The Contact Page To-Do List

This is a list of the things you should do for your contact page to make it better for visitors to your site.

Stay tuned for the next post: Give Your Contact Page a Little Love (Part 2): Mistakes to Avoid on Your Contact Page.