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Google On an Updating Frenzy

GThere are always a few major Google algorithm updates every year, but it seems like they are coming fast and furious lately. In the last 30 days, there have been updates on August 29th, September 4th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 24th, and 26th.

The updates can cause some volatility in search engine rankings, but they tend to level out. SEO specialists have to be patient and examine the data to try and interpret what the changes’ impact is. It is very rare that Google will even acknowledge an update, let alone explain what the update entails.

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Don’t Panic!

Sometimes people that don’t work closely with SEO will panic when they see a sharp drop off in their rankings. There are many reasons for fluctuations in rankings, so it is better to take a “big picture” look at the rankings. A dip one day can lead to a peak the next. It is futile to try and outsmart the next algorithm update. Your best course of action is to just put out quality content that the average person can navigate and understand.

Google is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make their algorithms “smarter” and more focused on the user experience. By posting content that is written for people, as opposed to bots, you have a better chance of keeping your rankings moving upward. The Google algorithms are getting good at detecting bad and old SEO tactics and penalizing sites that use it.

It usually takes a couple of days for an update to start impacting sites, so the change can be subtle for a few days, then a noticeable drop or bump may be seen. Many times the increase will correct a drop from a previous update.

Keep Calm and Trust Team WTI

It’s our job to monitor the SEO results and search engine rankings for the websites we work on. That’s our job. Your job is to take care of your business without worrying about how your website is doing. Our SEO specialists keep up on Google updates and the results of those changes. Team WTI will make sure that your website is constantly being optimized to provide you with traffic and conversions that you need.

Making drastic changes to your website in reaction to updates can make a small dip bigger. Team WTI has the software, knowledge, and tools to monitor your website and adjust accordingly. We want the content and layout to be useful to people that come to your website.

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Even Google Makes Mistakes

This past week there was an article on Searchengineland.com that said that Google was not indexing new content. This has since been confirmed by Google and it took them two and a half days to fix. The same thing has happened in the past the article goes on to say, and it will surely happen again.

In my mind this proves a very important point. If you are concerned about your website content and using SEO to get found online, it is very important to stay on top of what is going on with search engines. They make mistakes too, even Google, and if you aren’t aware of issues it may affect your standing in their index.

Go to the Source

I find there are a lot of sources I really trust, even though I do see what I would call “search engine politics” out there quite frequently. As with anything, SEOs have strong opinions about how Google (especially) handles their index and algorithms. I find that search engine news is very much like any news, read from numerous sources to formulate an opinion. I usually start with the Google’s Webmasters Blog to see what comes straight from the source, as well as check in with some of my favorite search engine experts on Twitter, but then I go to a few trusted sources for intel including:

That’s just a few!

Something my Dad always said was the only thing you can count on in life is death and taxes. I would like to change that popular statement to death, taxes, and search engine changes. It’s one thing you can be sure of, things always change and we always have to change with it. Sometimes there are bugs to be aware of, sometimes algorithm updates, as well as technology changes. Being aware of these things is the job of your SEO team, but it can’t hurt to be aware of them yourself.

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Cindy Whiteman
Digital Marketing Team Director
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Algorithm News – Fall 2018

Recent Ranking Update in October 2018

Were there recent updates to the Google Algorithm?

We are seeing that there was likely a Google Algorithm update in late October.  If you read the article below from one of our favorite SEO information sources, SEO Roundtable, nothing is being confirmed by Google. It appears there is a lot of chatter on social media and SEO blog sites indicating an update.

Read the news here!

Algorithm updates are hinted at by bloggers and such when they notice things like keywords dropping for no apparent reason. This was reported by multiple sources. It appears that people are reporting that results dropped and didn’t rebound quickly and this could be an indicator of yet another tweak of the Google Algorithm.

Content is King Again?

Search Engine Journal, another favorite source of mine is talking about recent algorithm updates as well. One of my big take aways from their article is the focus on content, not simple things like title tags and meta descriptions. While I still believe every page should be structured well, I feel like we need to review content on the pages of our websites and make sure (now more than ever) that you are answering questions with that content. Users intent is where it is at. If your page answers a query of a user, you are going to be in much better shape. You do this with great content. So in a way, content is king again!

I definitely suggest reading the section in the article from Search Engine Journal regarding Google vs. Bing. I find it fascinating the difference in sophistication between Google’s AI Algorithm and where Bing is currently. I do tell my clients never to ignore Bing however because it comes installed on Windows computers and some people never change their browser!

We’ll keep an eye on Algorithm changes and information and let you know when we see new news!