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B2B Social Success with LinkedIn Advertising

Team WTI has seen a trend in social media for a B2B business: LinkedIn Ads. We’ve been seeing success for our clients and did additional research and felt this is definitely a social media trend for 2020 worth sharing. Because of this, we recommend LinkedIn Advertising as a powerful option for companies looking to do more B2B business.

New company targeting gives companies a leg up.

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Because Facebook changed it’s targeting options in the past we’ve seen a lot of frustration in companies trying to correctly target potential customers. Especially if they are targeting other businesses for their products or services. LinkedIn reports that LinkedIn users have two times the buying power of the average web audience. With new company targeting, that means that you can find people at a business that would benefit from your products and services that can actually make decisions about buying them. LinkedIn also reports that 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members are the ones that drive decisions for that business.

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So, what’s new about company targeting in LinkedIn advertising?

Company Category: This new targeting feature users data from Forbes, Fortune, and LinkedIn. Lists of companies have been set up for you to choose from that are already compiled like “Fortune 500 (US)” or “Fortune Global 500 (Worldwide)”.

Company Growth Rate: This allows you to reach LinkedIn members based on year over year employee growth rate. You can target companies on a negative growth rate all the way up to 20%+ growth rate.

Other company targeting is based on company name, industry, and size. Other targeting options include job experience, education, interests, and other personal demographics like age and gender.

GET THE GUIDE: For a complete guide on targeting click here.

Worried about targeting the right people?

Team WTI can assist you with ad creative and targeting on your company’s page. It’s possible you don’t have the time for another social platform or don’t feel confident in your own mad audience targeting skills. Either way, we can help. For more information contact Cindy or Lisa (cindy@teamwti.com or lisa@teamwti.com or call 309.489.0026)