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How to Boost Mobile Traffic This Holiday Season

How to Boost Mobile traffic This Holiday Season-minAs we put away the leftovers and relax on the couch for the rest of the football game, many of us take out our smartphones. Whether we’re catching up with friends or we’re looking for the latest deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile traffic was the driving force this past weekend. Salesforce shared that “Mobile traffic to retail sites reached 68% and shoppers placed more orders on phones than computers for the first time at 54%. This is the highest rate of mobile order share recorded in 2018.” What does this mean for your brand?

Engaging Experiences on Mobile

The first takeaway from this is that your website needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive. Responsive websites will “respond” to the device that they are on to have the best user experience. For example, a video might scale to fit the page on mobile vs. desktop. Think about what users want while they are searching for sales on your website. They likely want pages that load quickly, easily searchable items, and simple buying options. Does your website work with what your customers want? If not, it’s time to realize that this could be costing you conversions and sales.

Keep Google My Business Up to Date

As the holidays loom closer and closer, shipping costs rise and then become impossible to deliver in time. At this point, people may be looking to come to your physical location rather than wait for an order that will not get there in time (think: Dec. 24th). In this case, you will want to make sure that your Google My Business listing is up to date with location and hours. Map searches for locations goes sharply up at this time of the year according to a comparison by Merkle between 2016 and 2017. Additionally, this is a great time to put a call now button in your ads and on your website. These are much easier to navigate to on a mobile device and give your potential customers a way to contact you to make sure you have what they need, which saves both of you time.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

How to Boost Mobile traffic This Holiday Season-minWhich platform works best for your brand on mobile? Not sure? Take a look at your insights on each platform and find out which has the most traffic, what your most used device is, and why you think that is. Does Instagram showcase your product the best because of the focus on images or does Facebook provide great customer interaction and service? Maybe your brand is best suited to Twitter to send out rapid fire location details or new deals. Whatever platform works best for you, you should focus on this during the holiday season. Of course, don’t throw away your other platforms, but shift focus onto the platform that is gaining you the most traffic and conversions to make the most impact with your holiday sales plan. Quick tip: if you’re using Instagram, take advantage of the new options for shoppable posts and Stories.

WTI Can Help You Sort it Out

If you want to increase conversions and boost sales this holiday season, it’s time to give WTI a call! We’ll work with you to create a plan to optimize your online presence and get you on the path to boosting sales and conversions. Contact us for more information today.