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The Bigger the Better?

Is the size of a company an indicator of who they are? Sometimes “bigger is better” may ring true. But that’s not always the case. It is frustrating when you are trying to get in touch with a company and you either get an automated system that doesn’t have what you are looking for, or you talk to some answering service that is staffed by people reading from a script. When you contact WTI, whether by phone or email, you interact with a live human being that is in the same office as the people that are working on your account.  You may not be able to talk to your person right at that moment, but you can relax knowing your message will be personally delivered to your contact. Besides, many times, no matter who answers the phone, they can help you with your question or situation. When you try to contact a big corporation, you’re lucky to talk to anyone, let alone someone that can help you.

Personal Touch

WTI teamwork
In addition to communicating with everyone here at WTI, your account is handled by people that know your company and take a personal interest in helping you succeed. This is true, whether we are talking about designers, SEO specialists, digital marketers, accountants, and more. Everyone at WTI cares about you and your company and we do what we can to learn about your business and what we can do to help you succeed. We study your industry and all of the latest trends and changes in both your business and the internet. We want to give you a step above your competition.

The staff at WTI tries to give you as much information as possible through email and phone calls, analytic reports, and other forms of communication. We feel that information is power and if you’re informed, you can better understand why we do the things we do and the time it takes for changes to take effect. Some people just like us to take care of it and not bother them with the details, and we’re good with that, too. Just know that at any time we are happy to explain anything you have a question about, whether it’s about billing, changes to your website, rankings, and so on.

Small Company, Big Ideas

small business means better communicationBy being a small company, it is a lot easier for us to adjust on the run. We can easily share ideas and make changes on the fly without having to go through a series of committees or managers. Most of the time, the supervisor is sitting within earshot of the person working on your account, making it easy to implement changes and adapt to any situations that come our way. Also, we all work together, there is no room for office politics or positioning at WTI. Our company works for the greater good and are constantly sharing ideas, tips, and information that can help us all succeed.

By being limber and flexible, we can respond to any changes that come from places like Google and Bing, any information we learn about your industry, and the things you want to be addressed. There are probably businesses that are better being run like a large corporation, but when it comes to something like your website and digital marketing, it is much better to have a personal touch from a business like WTI.

Contact the professionals at WTI and learn more about how this small company with big ideas can help you succeed in the expansive world of the internet.