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Poorly Placed Photos Lead Readers Away From Your Blog

Infographic on blue background detailing how photo orientation helps blogsAre your photos subliminally leading people away from your blog posts? The orientation of photos matters and can be the difference between your blog being read or ignored.

Great design relies heavily upon psychology, which reflects on how we process and perceive our world.

Our mind fills in the blanks of photo movement

Subliminally, our mind constantly evaluates and makes decisions about the visual elements we’re seeing.

For example, if a photo shows a person walking, our eyes will naturally follow the direction of the walk. If the walk leads away from your blog post, then readers’ eyes also will leave.

We’ve spent our entire lives looking at photos. We understand they’re a moment captured in time. As a result, our mind subconsciously fills in “what happens next.”

Take the image of a football quarterback preparing to throw the ball. The quarterback is looking downfield, his arm is pulled back and his body is in motion to throw.

We know what will happen next. The ball will be released and travel away from the quarterback.

Houston Texans quarterback in white jersey preparing to throw the football

As the quarterback prepares to throw, our mind naturally fills in the direction the ball is likely to take, and our eyes move accordingly.

Naturally, our “line of sight” fills in the likely trajectory and moves in the direction the ball will travel.

The photo itself is stationary, but our brains understand motion, so the mind fills in the blanks about what happens next.

If that line of sight looks away from your blog content, recapturing a reader’s attention will be difficult.

You have limited time to engage readers

The average attention span is only 10 minutes. You have a limited amount of time to engage your reader in what you’re saying.

Gray and white kitten with one paw raised playing with a green weed growing out between the mortar of paving stones.

The kitten is looking to the left as it plays with a flower. As a result, the eye travels to the right.

Brains are wired to focus on specific things. Using photos to subliminally point the eye back toward your content is key.

In his classic book, “The Design of Everyday Things” Donald A. Norman describes design as “an act of communication.”

Great designers understand how the human mind works. Design isn’t solely about “looking pretty” it’s about helping your readers connect with your content.

Let our SEO experts at Team WTI ensure customers are engaged with your site.

Picture This: Images Boost Business

One struggle that we have in helping our clients improve their search rankings is to get photos and other images from them. The average user is more visually oriented than ever before, so it’s important that your website, Google My Business (GMB) listing, and social media pages have fresh and interesting pictures.

(If you don’t have a social media presence that is a discussion for another blog.)

WTI can help you boost results with images

People want to see themselves on your social media postings and potential customers want to see you on the job. We know that you and your team is probably busy when they are at work, but it takes only a few seconds to snap a few pictures with your phone.

Some suggestions for photo opportunities include taking pictures of people at your store or restaurant, pictures of your staff at work, especially in candid shots, images of your equipment or vehicles, or nice photos of your building. If you or your staff sponsor or participate in charity events and fundraisers, make sure to document that and share it. People like to know that the businesses they use have a heart and care about their community. Show that you and your team has a personality and not some faceless entity.

Stock Your Profiles with Photos

BrightLocal recently issued a report, Google My Business Insights Study, that analyzed 45000 business in 36 industries around the world. They were looking to see if there were any correlations between the number of images on the GMB profile and other metrics such as conversions, clicks, search views, and so on.

According to BrightLocal’s report, businesses that posted more than 100 photos received 520% more calls than the average business and if the GMB profile only has one image, those businesses receive 71% fewer calls. Also, the +100 club gets 1065% more website clicks. Yes, over 1000% more.

How to Get More Photos

Earlier, we discussed a few ways to get more images for your website and profiles. Here are some other ways that have been successful for other clients.

Photos need to be more than just posed staff pictures, it needs to show your customers, services, and other experiences. If possible, hold an open house or other event and take pictures of the people that stop by. Images of the interior and exterior of your business are always good, just make them interesting. People probably don’t want to see a picture of a file cabinet or copier.

On the GMB platform, customers can post pictures to your site. This is a double-edged sword at the moment because it can be difficult to get some images removed if they’re poor quality. However, if you ask the customers to post a picture along with a review, you are more likely to get good content. You’ll notice a lot of car dealerships posting a picture of a person with their new car, thanking them for their business. This shows the customer appreciation and shows potential customers that you think of each purchase as an individual, not just an entry on a ledger.

If you don’t have a physical location, ask the customer if you can take a photo of them with your project or at the worksite. They’re likely to appreciate the recognition and you can show off your happy customers.

Almost every social media platform has a way to check in to locations or tag businesses. Encourage customers to tag you or check in on their own social media profiles. Can you think of a less expensive form of advertising? If you notice a tag or mention, make sure to comment a thank you or another acknowledgment. This will go a long way to creating goodwill and a positive impression in the public eye.

Share Your Photos on Your Website

Make sure your website is updated with quality images. If you can do it yourself, great. If you have someone handle your website make sure to send the images to them. Make sure you include a short description of the picture. You may know exactly what it is, but the person handling your website will want to accurately describe the image. Also, details like where it was taken and what the project or event is can be used to help SEO, improving your search rankings.

For more ideas about making your social media profiles and website fresh and interesting, give the experts at Team WTI a call. We’ll be happy to go over your site and provide you with some suggestions to help drive traffic to your business. Contact us today for more details.

Examples of Images from Clients

Man using polyurethane to lift a concrete slab

Interior office Websites to Impress

Artist Julie Rotblatt-Amrany creating the sculpture, The Quintessential Engineer