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Got SPAM all of a sudden? May Need a Recaptcha Update!

Do you need a Recaptcha update to v3?PSA: Recaptcha v3 is here to save the day, or at least your inbox from SPAM

This blog is just to alert people of a recent change that may have you seeing SPAM. Recaptcha is a Google product that helps prevent SPAM in forms on your webite (remember that “I am not a robot” box?) The newest version of Recaptcha doesn’t make you check a box, it is smarter than that. That is great of course, but it is also a bit of a pain for some. For example, Contact Form 7 updated and now requires Recaptcha v3 and stopped support for v2. If you all of a sudden started getting a bunch of SPAM and you have a WordPress site this may be your problem. In any case, if you have seen an uptick in SPAM in your email forms from you site contact Brandy at 309-489-0026. We are ready to help!