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Pinterest Update Can Help Grow Referral Traffic

Pinterest Update Can Help Your Business

Pinterest recently redesigned its feed look making it faster and easier for Pinners to visit different web pages. These updates appear under the “Following” tab which shows pins from different accounts that a user has chosen to follow.

Users can now decide whether they want to see a chronological or algorithm-created feed, or a mix of both.

The New Format- A Single Pin

Pinterest single photo feed

Pinterest Announces New Single Pin Format. Photo From Pinterest.com

Pinners can now expect to see a single pin format under their “Following” tab. This appears to look more like an Instagram feed versus the typical Pinterest board feed. So why the new change? Pinterest announced that they made this change in response to feedback from their users saying this offers an easier experience for scanning pins. Users can easily visit a website with the click of a pin. This is made available for users using the Pinterest app.

A Fast & Easy Way To Increase Referral Traffic

This new single pin format makes it easier for users to visit original website pages. Before the update, Pinners had to tap on the individual pin to open it and expand the photo, then tap it again to get to the linked website. With the new update, a user can just click the photo once to reach the designated website.

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What do Facebook Newsfeed Changes Really Mean?

You may have seen the announcement a couple of weeks ago from Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook would be making newsfeed changes in the near future. For some, this has caused panic and fear about what will happen to their business’ page, while others are waiting it out to see changes go into effect. We don’t know exactly what these changes entail or when they will go into effect, but we do have some idea of what newsfeed changes you may see.

image of cellphone on table with Facebook app open to login screen. Next to phone are scrabble tiles spelling out 'social media.'Encouraging Social Interactions

The goal of Facebook is to connect people and make it easy to know what your friends are up to. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he would like to “encourage meaningful social interactions with family and friends over passive consumption.” This means that instead of endlessly scrolling through Facebook during the day, Zuckerberg wants people to interact with their friends and post interesting and discussion-worthy content. While this may mean switching up strategy for many businesses, it may be a welcome change for those following you. Our talented social media and digital marketing team are happy to help you create interesting, discussion-worthy content that fits within Facebook’s new goals.

Stopping the Spread of “Fake News”

Many speculate that one of the reasons behind the Facebook newsfeed changes is the blame that Zuckerberg and Facebook are receiving for the propagation of “fake news” by leaving it unchecked. Techcrunch reports that starting next week, “Publications deemed trustworthy by people using Facebook may see an increase in their distribution, [while] publications that do not score highly as trusted by the community may see a decrease.” This is a change from previous models where Facebook users were able to choose which content they personally believed was factual. Whether it is for the best or worst for Facebook to control who sees what in the news, we have yet to see. However, WTI can help you manage your online reputation and make sure that a few negative comments don’t erase your Facebook presence.

Image of a person taking live video of a concertNew Media Formats More Popular

Along with the theme of “meaningful social interactions” from Zuckerberg, it seems that Facebook is leaning towards making video content, including Live video and Facebook Messenger Stories, as the “best” medium. This is because video, especially Live video, shows more of the day to day life of people, and it promotes discussion because they may be taking video of something interesting that they’re doing. Businesses may be interested in this model because it allows consumers to see the more “human” side of the business, and it allows users to relate to them on a personal level.

The new Facebook newsfeed changes may be scary for businesses, but WTI is happy to help you make sure that your digital marketing and social media is up to date, meaningful, and promotes discussion. Contact us to today and ask about your options!