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New LinkedIn Feature Helps Others Pronounce Your Name

Names are personal. Your name is at the very center of who you are. However, all too frequently, business acquaintances, colleagues, and professional contacts may stumble over your name, or you may find yourself stumbling over theirs. To help solve the issue, LinkedIn recently added a new feature that lets users add audio clips of their name to a profile.

White and orange coffee cup featuring the word Hello next to a smartphone with an orange case

LinkedIn recently added a new feature that lets users add audio clips of their name to a profile.

As a social networking site geared toward professionals, LinkedIn is about making business connections. Employers can use the site to post job openings while job seekers can post their resume and experiences.

While it’s easy to discover a LinkedIn user’s work experience, education, and professional training, it was harder to know how to pronounce their name. Seeing a name in writing doesn’t easily translate to knowing how to pronounce it.

Mispronouncing A Name Can Be A Costly Mistake

While mispronouncing a name can be awkward, in the business world, it also can be costly. Athletic gear company Nike apparently lost their sneaker sponsorship with basketball superstar Stephen (pronounced Steff-en) Curry to rival Under Armour after Nike executives referred to him as “Steph-on.” 

LinkedIn’s audio name feature is geared toward eliminating those types of mistakes. With the new feature, you can record a short clip (up to 10 seconds) pronouncing your name.  When you make your recording, LinkedIn recommends you:

  • Limit background noise
  • Speak slowly
  • Pronounce each syllable clearly
  • Hold the phone about four inches from your mouth

At the moment, you’re only able to record the audio clip on mobile devices, not the desktop site. However, once a recording has been made, playback of the pronunciation is available on all platforms.

A small megaphone icon appears next to profiles that include an audio pronunciation. This will allow potential employers, businesses colleagues, and other LinkedIn contacts to listen and hear how you pronounce your name.

Likewise, you’ll be able to listen to the pronunciation of the names of your own LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn offers a help center guide to help with any questions you may have about making your recording.

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Pinterest Update Can Help Grow Referral Traffic

Pinterest Update Can Help Your Business

Pinterest recently redesigned its feed look making it faster and easier for Pinners to visit different web pages. These updates appear under the “Following” tab which shows pins from different accounts that a user has chosen to follow.

Users can now decide whether they want to see a chronological or algorithm-created feed, or a mix of both.

The New Format- A Single Pin

Pinterest single photo feed

Pinterest Announces New Single Pin Format. Photo From Pinterest.com

Pinners can now expect to see a single pin format under their “Following” tab. This appears to look more like an Instagram feed versus the typical Pinterest board feed. So why the new change? Pinterest announced that they made this change in response to feedback from their users saying this offers an easier experience for scanning pins. Users can easily visit a website with the click of a pin. This is made available for users using the Pinterest app.

A Fast & Easy Way To Increase Referral Traffic

This new single pin format makes it easier for users to visit original website pages. Before the update, Pinners had to tap on the individual pin to open it and expand the photo, then tap it again to get to the linked website. With the new update, a user can just click the photo once to reach the designated website.

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