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How to Use Facebook Marketing Strategies for Conversions

Whether you’re a newly opened business or you’ve been established for awhile, it’s important to have a presence on social media. For many businesses, this means they rely on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to broaden their audience and inform guests about new deals and specials. Facebook is usually the platform that is most recommended for businesses because it is the most comprehensive at this time. Did you know that you can use Facebook marketing strategies to gain conversions? Got your attention? Let’s find out how.

WTI teamworkAudience Insights

One of the most important things to do once you have a Business Facebook page set up is to look at your audience insights. These insights will tell you about who currently likes your page and their demographics. Facebook lets us know everything from their age to gender to education level to device to their shopping habits, and more. These insights are very useful because they let us tailor our Facebook marketing content to what our audience is most likely to respond to. For example, if you build homes, you could expect to see anywhere between 30-65+ for the age demographic on your page. In this case, you would not want to market to 18 year olds because they are unlikely to be buying custom built homes until they are a few years older. Insights can also give you unexpected information that really improves your Facebook marketing strategies. Lastly, these audience insights allow you to create goals for your Facebook marketing strategy by knowing who you are talking to.

When and How Often to Post

Your audience isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about on Facebook. You also need to think about when and how often to post. At WTI, we recommend posting a few times a week. By posting a few times a week, you keep your page active. You also remind potential and current customers that you are still around. Plus, you can post deals and specials going on. Posts should vary between links to articles that are relevant to your business, promotions and specials, and graphics that display your services. Clear and interesting photos of your service or product and your team are also very important.

Facebook Advertising

One of the best ways you can use Facebook marketing to your advantage is through Facebook ads. Facebook ads allow you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. They can be graphics, photos, videos, or carousels of photos to scroll through. Additionally, Facebook ads not only display in the newsfeed. They also display in the sidebar, Messenger app, Stories, and other areas. You set up the audience that you want to see your ads. You also set up a budget for the ads. The ads can run all month or only part of the month, it’s your choice.

WTI Offers Social Media Management Services

At WTI, we manage your social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, to optimize your online presence. Looking for conversions from Facebook marketing or you’re looking for more communication with clients on Twitter or Instagram? We are happy to work with you to meet your goals. Contact us for more information about Facebook marketing and social media management services.

7 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Management for Your Business

Do you keep up with your business’ social media? Is it really necessary?

The short answer is yes.

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and investing in social media management from marketing experts can help boost your business’ online presence significantly. Here is why you should consider social media management services for your business:

1.Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are

In 2017, research showed that the average person spends almost two hours on social media every day, which is more time than people spend eating, drinking, and socializing each day (1). If you want to reach your customers where they’re already spending their time, social media is where you need to be. The fact that all major social media platforms have apps that make them easily accessible from smartphones and other mobile devices means that social media can help you reach people whether they are at home or on the go.

2. Drive More Targeted Traffic

We can customize your social media plan to reach your targeted audience. According to recent studies from Pew Research, older audiences tend to use Facebook and YouTube, while younger audiences are the majority users for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat (2). Ads on social media platforms allow you to choose your audience based on demographics, location, or interest to make sure you’re showing your ads exactly where they need to be.

3. Social Media Complements SEO

The more social media platforms that you have branded with your business, the more search results you will show up in. Boost your SEO and dominate the first page of search results with help from professional social media management. Social media can also help you drive more traffic to optimized pages on your website by posting links on your social media platforms.

4. Increase Your Overall Business Reach

Social media platforms come equipped with all kinds of tools that you can use to expand your current audience and get more customers. Do some hashtag research or use search functions to actively seek out people looking for what you offer or use targeting features to put your ads in front of people who might not currently follow your business.

5. Get Insights to Your Audience

You can also get valuable insights to what your audience likes and dislikes from social media analytics data. Find out what time of day your audience is more likely to engage, what kind of posts get the most interaction, and who your audience actually consists of. WTI’s custom reporting software helps us pull data from all of your different social media platforms to make it available in one place. This helps you get the quick insights you need and it helps us build a plan based on real-time data.

6. Build Better Customer Relationships

Social media is a place where you can not only advertise your products or services, but where your business can actually interact with your customers and potential customers on a day-to-day basis. Connect with your customers by entertaining them, giving them useful information, and answering or asking questions to build stronger relationships with them to increase customer loyalty.

7. Establish Your Brand as an Authority

The more your customers see your brand and associate it with valuable content, the more they will trust you. Show leadership and establish yourself as an expert in your field by offering advice and answering questions on social media. Social media gives you a level playing field to stand out from your competitors by connecting to your audience directly.

Call Team WTI for a Custom Social Media Management Package

social media management graphic

Professional social media management is more than just posting updates to your business’ page. It involves designing and implementing a strategy to engage with your current customers and get your name and brand in front of new potential customers. Team WTI works to create cohesive social media plans for our clients that incorporate multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. We use custom reporting software to analyze traffic and engagement on posts to constantly fine-tune and customize a social media strategy for your business.

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2) http://www.pewinternet.org/2018/03/01/social-media-use-in-2018/

Pinterest Update Can Help Grow Referral Traffic

Pinterest Update Can Help Your Business

Pinterest recently redesigned its feed look making it faster and easier for Pinners to visit different web pages. These updates appear under the “Following” tab which shows pins from different accounts that a user has chosen to follow.

Users can now decide whether they want to see a chronological or algorithm-created feed, or a mix of both.

The New Format- A Single Pin

Pinterest single photo feed

Pinterest Announces New Single Pin Format. Photo From Pinterest.com

Pinners can now expect to see a single pin format under their “Following” tab. This appears to look more like an Instagram feed versus the typical Pinterest board feed. So why the new change? Pinterest announced that they made this change in response to feedback from their users saying this offers an easier experience for scanning pins. Users can easily visit a website with the click of a pin. This is made available for users using the Pinterest app.

A Fast & Easy Way To Increase Referral Traffic

This new single pin format makes it easier for users to visit original website pages. Before the update, Pinners had to tap on the individual pin to open it and expand the photo, then tap it again to get to the linked website. With the new update, a user can just click the photo once to reach the designated website.

If you want to increase your referral traffic for your business, but don’t have time, WTI is happy to help you with your digital marketing and social media needs. Pinterest pins are now showing in Google search results, so pinning is more important than ever. Show off your business in a visually appealing way. Contact us today!