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Two Truths and a Lie with Team WTI

Earlier this month a few of us decided to have some fun and see if anyone could find our lies. We played a little game of Two Truths and a Lie on our social media. Each of us came up with two truths and a lie about ourselves and left it up to our followers to guess our lie. See if you can guess them, too! We’ll add the answers at the bottom so you can play along.

two truths and a lie

Cindy is our Digital Marketing Division Director. See if you can guess her lie!

  • I am an identical twin.
  • I love veggies.
  • My dream job is to be an astronaut.



two truths and a lieMakenna is one of our Digital Marketing Specialists. Which one of these is her lie?

  • When I was little, my dream was to be a plumber because I thought they planted flowers all day.
  • Prior to working for WTI, I worked in the interior design industry.
  • I hate coffee.


two truths and a lieKate is another one of our Digital Marketing Specialists. Can you guess her lie?

  • I’ve been to Japan twice.
  • I have three cats.
  • I have seen my favorite band in concert over 5 times.



two truths and a lieLisa is our Digital Marketing Team Lead. Which one of these is her lie?

  • I have 28 first cousins.
  • “The Grinch” is my favorite character.
  • I’ve seen Prince William & Kate in person.



Have you got all your guesses for each? In order, here are the lies:

  • Cindy’s lie is that she loves veggies. Cindy isn’t the biggest fan of veggies!
  • Makenna’s lie is that she hates coffee! Makenna actually loves a nice cup of coffee.
  • Kate’s lie is that she has been to Japan twice, though she hopes to go someday!
  • Lisa’s lie is that The Grinch is her favorite character. Lisa just does not like the Grinch.

Did you guess any of the lies? Let us know in the replies. And if you’re looking for a great team building exercise to do with your team, try this one. These little exercises can be a great way to bring your team together. Get to know each other better and have a laugh!