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Get To Know Your Team Better – Two Truths and a Lie

teamwork - ideas for making working from home more funWe know we’re a marketing team, and you may think this is an ODD post for a marketing team. But really, the most important word in that sentence is TEAM. With so many of us working at home trying to remain a team is tough. We’ve found that doing a few ice-breaker games is a fun way to stay in touch with one another. It also gives us something fun to post on social media!

How to Play:

Start by letting the group know that each person will introduce themselves by producing two truths and one lie about themselves. They can be simple things such as the persons hobbies or life experiences. The lie can be outlandish or you can make it simple to disguise it as a truth. It’s fun to bring up truths from your life that are out there as well. Don’t make it easy for people to guess!

Go one at a time and let the group guess which statements are true and which is the lie. If you know people in your group try hard not to give it away if you know which statement is their lie.

Make it memorable and fun. It’s a great way to get to know people or get to know them better if you think you know everything about your team.

Pro Tip: Watch for body language when people are making their statements. Changes in tone or how they speak can give them away!

If you try this with your team share to social media and tag us! We’ll share your results!

Teamwork, it’s what it’s all about. One of the things we miss right now with COVID-19 affecting how we work is our teammates. Stay in touch with them and remind them frequently how awesome they are. It can really make a difference in our productivity and make it easier to come to our desks at home to do our jobs.