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Strategic Design: Form Meets Function

strategic designIf you follow any business accounts or other resources, you may have seen the term “strategic design” being used. This isn’t just another buzzword being thrown around, it’s a good idea that seems to be a no-brainer, but for some reason, it isn’t being implemented very much. According to the Helsinki Design Lab, strategic design takes the principles of design and applies them to systemic projects like “healthcare, education, and climate change.” When implementing a strategic design, an organization will look at how they approach situations, look for opportunities for action, and provide a better solution.

Use Your Tools

One of my previous jobs was as the mailing and shipping person for a company. Learning all of the postal regulations isn’t easy, but you have to make sure you know the rules to save yourself postage and delays in shipping. I went to every seminar and read every publication that the postal service offered. I was certified by the United States Postal Service for Mailpiece Design. Yet, it never failed that our in-house design team would come up with a very clever marketing piece to be mailed to our associates, have it made and delivered to our office, and THEN ask me about postal regulations. If they had included me in the design phase, I could have saved them thousands of dollars in postage, usually by making a small change or suggesting another method. They would be angry with me because their postage budget would be shot. It is important to have a Big Picture outlook when it comes to just about every aspect of your business.

I tell that story to show how having a strategy that uses the resources and people in your company from the start can provide you with a better product. My coworkers knew that I was a resource of information regarding shipping, but I never did figure out why they wouldn’t include me in the design process. At WTI, our teams work together to make sure that the websites that we create are ready to go and our Digital Marketing people can hit the ground running, without having to spend time correcting SEO and other things that our programmers may not be familiar with. No one single person on our team can make a perfect website, but by using the resources we have, we are able to collaborate and implement the best of WTI in every site.

See The Big Picture

plan and cooperateMany companies still keep their departments separated¬†and just move a project along a type of an assembly line. Unfortunately, this can lead departments to do their part with blinders on. Like in the example I described above, the design team would make a very nice piece, but the logistics to get it to our associates weren’t considered. By integrating all the different areas of expertise from the start, a company can accentuate the positives, delete the negatives, and provide the best service or product possible. People that work in only one area of their business tend to have tunnel vision. The important thing is to have a holistic outlook on your product. Make sure that everyone that is involved with putting out the product has input from the start. By having a Big Picture view, you can head off any problems or issues before they reach the end-user.

The easiest part of offering a product or service is having good ideas. The hard part is integrating the right ideas to make sure your product is attractive or captivating to your customers. By thinking strategically about the design of what you are offering, you can present the best item that your team can come up with. Each step of the way during the development of your product or service, all involved departments need to have access and input. It doesn’t do any good if ideas are presented at the beginning, but never carried out. It is important that there is consistent expertise, feedback, and implementation throughout the design process and creation.

How Does Strategic Design Apply to Your Website?

Whether you need a new website or just need to redesign your current one, WTI has been implementing strategic design before it was even a hot business topic. Our teams work and communicate throughout the process, both within the company and with our clients. We want you to have a website that you love and are proud of and we want to make sure that we can make it work for your business.

In the world of websites, it is important that your site not just look good, but that it performs the way that the users want and need. This means making sure the site is mobile-friendly, responsive, and provides a good User Experience (UX). They need to be able to navigate to find the information they are looking for and be able to see it and understand it easily. In addition, the site needs to be optimized for search engines, so that potential customers can find your website. In the end, the website needs to properly represent your company, provide information users need and make it easy for them to convert them through filling out a contact form, making a purchase, or some other desired activity.

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