WordPress 5.0 Brings Big Changes

Welcome to the world of blocks.

WordPress is out to confuse those who edit in the WordPress backend with blocks. Many of us think that they should have just left a good thing alone, but we should welcome change, right? So here’s what’s new for those using WordPress.

So what do we like? Not much, and I have to think we aren’t alone. Unless your theme supports many of the “cool” new options, they won’t work anyway. Also, if you are in the practice of using WordPress daily pretty much everything you know has been changed. Our hope is that over time we will get used to the changes. One thing we do feel is that if you haven’t used WordPress before, you might find that it is easier to use. They have a block type for almost everything making it easy to add content to your page or post.

The biggest point to make is that this seems to be the biggest change we have seen in WordPress in years. Whether the change is good or bad is TBD from this person’s perspective! As an SEO, I still recommend WordPress as the top platform for search engine optimization. I don’t think that will change anytime soon. So we’ll stick with it and spend some time getting familar with the ins and outs of “blocks”!

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