WTI Moves to a New Geneseo Location

Well, it happened! WTI has outgrown its old office and we had to move!

WTI moves to a new office

Our new office is still located in Geneseo, but now we’re out in the country with room to grow. We have a new mailing address, but our phone number is still the same, along with our dedication to providing you with the best website and digital marketing services in the business. Contact us for more information.

Our new building is much bigger than the old one and offers plenty of room for our current staff, along with room to grow in the future.

Thank You

We thank every one of our clients for helping us grow, we couldn’t do it without you!

Check out the gallery below for a quick peek at the office and stayed tuned for more photos as we get settled in.

Outside view from the new office

exterior view of WTI

Front office

front office


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  1. Dee Ford says:

    Congratulations! May you continue to grow
    and offer your clients high quality websites.

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