Meet Our Team

Kim Gehling

Cindy Whiteman
Digital Marketing Manager

Brandy Stockton
Account Manager

Tammy Frank
Digital Marketing Manager

Michele Nelson
Accounting Manager

Linda Morrison

Beth Yaeger
Senior Web Developer

Randy VanMeenen
Account Strategist

Arturo Jimenez
Web Designer

Doug Kuriger
SEO Content Writer

Ashley Wilson
Web Maintenance/SEO Specialist

Noelle Samuelson
PPC Analyst/SEO Specialist

Cynthia Reade
SEO Specialist

Haley Walker
Social Media Specialist

Grant Chaney
Marketing Intern

Kade Buysse
Web Intern

Zoe Page
Marketing Intern

Kiersten Cathelyn
Marketing Intern

Alyssa Yenor
Marketing Intern

Websites to Impress is located in Des Moines, Iowa and Geneseo, Illinois. Our team members are passionate about their areas of expertise and it shows in the quality and the results of the work we produce. We look forward to putting our team to work for your next project!

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