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Search Advertising, PPCOur team offers Search Advertising services, or Pay-per-click (PPC). Pay-per-click is a marketing model in which you devote a certain budget to "buy" clicks on ads and visits to your site. We work with Google Ads as well as Bing Ads, which has partnered with Yahoo!.

Our team designs ads for your company that are triggered by chosen keywords. We target the audience that receives these ads according to parameters that make the most sense for your business. When someone searches these keywords in a search engine and meets the requirements of the chosen audience, your ad will be displayed with the search results. When users click on your ad, they are taken to your website, where they can then interact with your company. Each time your ad is clicked, you pay a fee, and ads continue to run until a monthly budget, determined by you, is used up. This means that you can give your company a higher ranking on Google without ever spending more than you planned.

Benefits of Search Engine Advertising

Investing in Search Engine Advertising for your company can help you easily get more business and more recognition online. Some benefits of using search advertising from WTI include:

  • You can start with a small initial investment
  • You can set your own budget
  • Immediate search results
  • PPC gives you the same chance at keywords as others
  • Real-time tracking of leads
  • Exposure on a local AND national level

After the initial setup, we continue to monitor your PPC account and make any changes that might help you get more leads and more exposure. Our team will look at which parts of your PPC campaign have been most successful and implement techniques used in those parts in the rest of the campaign. This helps improve the entire campaign. We also look for areas where your account is not performing well and work hard to assess problems and come up with the best solutions.

If you want to get even more out of your PPC account, you may consider adding remarketing. In this advertising service, online searchers who have visited your website are exposed to your ads on other websites that they visit. This increases your web presence and helps people to recognize and trust your company's name.

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