Social Media Definitions

Social Media Definitions360 photos - A series of photos that combined, allow someone to see a 360-degree view of the camera's surroundings.

Ad Creative - A form of media, whether it be a text, an image, a slideshow, or multiple images, that contains the information for the ad itself.

Audience – A group that could see your social media newsfeed or ads.

Blogs - A website or web page that consists of a discussion or informational articles.

Boosted Post – An organic post turned into an advertisement that a business pays Facebook to show to a target audience.

Canvas Ads - A type of Facebook advertisement that produces a fully interactive screen and immersive advertisement for users. Canvas ads can include videos, images, carousels, and call to action buttons.

Chat: A message you can send to friends instantly.

Clickbait - A term used to describe online content that is meant to leave the user wanting to find out more and have them click on the content.

Conversion Pixel - A piece of coding used to track specific conversions that take place on your website.

Cover Photo - The image that spans across the top of your social media page and is meant to represent your business.

Custom Audience - A way to advertise to specific users who have visited or took action on a website, application, or Facebook page.

Employee Amplification - The act of having employees promoting the business that they work for on social media.

Engagement - The number of different interactions users have with your content, such as liking, clicking, commenting, or sharing.

Facebook Ads - A service provided by Facebook that allows users to pay a fee to target specific audiences and have their advertisements show up in their newsfeed.

Facebook Event - A Facebook post associated with a specific date, and acts as an invitation to other users for the event.

Facebook Live - A program developed by Facebook that allows users to broadcast a live stream video from their mobile device for other users to view.

Facebook Messenger - An instant messaging program developed by Facebook that allows Facebook friends to video and voice chat as well as instant message each other.

Followers - A person who subscribes to someone else's social media page. This is one-sided, meaning if you follow a page you can see their newsfeed but they can’t see your newsfeed.

Friends - A "friend" is someone who you are connected with on your Facebook page and with whom you share your feed. To become friends with someone, either one of you must send a friend request and the other accepts it.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) - An image file format commonly used for both animated and static images.

Geotargeting - The practice of producing online content and advertisements for specific users based on their geographical location.

Handle - A nickname used to identify someone's social media account.

Hashtags - A word or phrase that that is typed after a "#" that allows social media sites to organize posts based on a specific topic.

Influencer - A person or organization that others seek out for knowledge or wisdom in making decisions. It can also refer to a form of marketing, if a specific person is targeted.

Infographic - A representation of information that is portrayed in a striking way that makes it easier for users to read and understand, such as by putting the information in a graph or diagram.

Insights - Useful information gathered through studying a different set of data collected by social media platforms.

Likes - A term used on both Facebook and Instagram to express that you enjoyed a piece of content. Content popularity on these websites is usually measured by how many "likes" that content has.

Live Stories - A piece of media, usually an image or video, submitted by friend or follower that appears at the top of your newsfeed for the next 24 hours.

Live Streaming - The act of broadcasting a live video feed over the internet of what you are doing to an audience in real time.

Media Mentions - The number of times your business is mentioned in the media.

Newsfeed - A stream of recent news and activities from your friends, groups, and pages you have liked.

Notifications - An alert that notifies a user about an important activity that is happening on their social media account, such as receiving a friend request, getting tagged in an image, or someone likes one of your posts.

Online Reputation - The practice of influencing someone's perceptions of a business, group, or person through the Internet.

Periscope - An app created by Twitter as a live streaming social media platform that allows a user to broadcast a video to an audience in real time.

Podcast - A digital audio file that usually consists of music or themed conversations over a specific topic that is available to download off of the internet.

Post - A Facebook term used to describe an update to a user's newsfeed.

Profile - A term used to describe a user's account. Profiles provide a summary of the owner by listing small bits of information about the user.

Reach - The number of people who saw your social media posts or your advertisement campaigns.

Response Time - A metric used to measure the activity between a business and their consumers.

Review - An online testimonial that allows users to give feedback to a company. A review usually includes a system that allows a user to rank how satisfied they were with the business.

Share - The act of sending or posting a piece of content for the purpose of other people seeing that content.

Snap - Messages sent on the social media platform Snapchat that consists of an image, video, or drawing that is visible for 10 seconds before disappearing.

Social Media - Websites and other online means of communication that allow users to create and share content, which, in turn, encourages users to interact with each other and collaborate.

Social Media Marketing - The use of social media platforms to help promote itself and its products.

Social Networks - A network of people that may be friends, acquaintances, business partners, etc. that are connected through shared interests online.

Social Shares - The practice of sharing website content on social media.

Tagging - To identify another user or business in a post or image.

Targeting - It is the audience that you would like to see and have your advertisement reach.

Timeline - The section of a user’s profile where they can share their posts, images, and other media for others to see.

Total Reach - A Facebook term used to describe the total number of people who saw a post you made within your newsfeed, shared by friends or on your Facebook page.

Trending - A topic or hashtag that has recently become popular on social media.

Troll or Trolling - The act of making an online post that is meant to upset someone or draw out a negative response from someone.

Tweet - A message/post shared with your followers on Twitter.

Twitter Ads - A service provided by Twitter that allows users to pay a fee to target specific audiences and have their advertisements show up in their newsfeed.

URL Shortener - A website/program used to convert a long URL into a shorter one, this is done to make the URL more attractive and easier to remember.

User-generated Content - A form of digital content that has been created by a consumer, social media follower, fan, or influencer for a business at little to no cost.

Verified Pages - Profiles on a social media site that are confirmed to be authentic people or businesses. They can be identified by a blue verification symbol on their profile.

Viral - A piece of content, such as an ad, image, or video, that has gained a very large amount of views in a short amount of time.

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