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Even with the Internet's short history, we have seen many shifts in the way websites are designed. It is easy to recognize the websites that were designed several years back and an outdated website can reflect poorly on your business. The WTI design team keeps their eye on new and popular design elements and layout trends and applies these elements and techniques, in addition to their own creative ideas, whenever appropriate in new custom designs. A website redesign can improve the usability, the communication abilities, and the impression that your site makes to your site visitors.

The WTI team works with our clients to come up with a fresh and industry appropriate appearance for their sites. A redesign is then built responsively to ensure the site can easily be viewed on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. A new and modern look that is accessible on all types of devices can communicate to your potential customers that your business is progressive. Consult with our team to see what we can do to improve your online presence.

What is Strategic Design?

What is strategic design?

Redesigning your website (or building a new website) requires more than just considering what it looks like. In the age of user experience (UX), strategic design is a phrase you hear more and more frequently. When planning a redesign or new website you need to consider how everything you do will affect your users. It's imperative that you look at everything from the website navigation to the on-page content from your users point of view. In otherwords, you need to be strategic about your website design and development process.

Another important factor in redesign is SEO. There is a whole list of things you need to do to make sure that you minimize negative effects of launching a new website. In the redesign process this is very important because you don't want to lose your website rankings in search engines.

The most important part of strategic design is to create a website that works for your users, but also works for your organization and the goals you have set for your business. Your website needs to be setup to help navigate your users in a way that will convert them. Conversions can be form fills, calls, sales, or newsletter signups for example.

This is how we approach website design and redesign. If you want this level of detail when working on your website project, contact team WTI to get a free website quote.

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